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Project CARS 3 Cheats

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.


Slightly Mad Racer

Earn all other achievements


Here’s The Keys

Purchase your first car.


The Journey Begins

Complete the first Career race.


Mastering the trade

Master your first track.


The Treble

Complete all 3 Career Objectives in a single Career Event.


New Challenger Approaching

Post a time or score for when a Rivals Event completes.


Deserved Recognition

Earn your first Career Accolade.


Right On Time

Compete in a scheduled online race.


Splish Splash

Win in a 3+ Lap race in Thunderstorm conditions.



Apply multiple decals to one of your cars.


Pace Setter

Compete in 3 different Pace Setter events.


Bargain Hunter

Purchase a car from the Showroom that’s discounted in the ‘Daily Deal’.


A Smashing Time

Smash 100 targets in Breakout.


Grease Monkey

Apply upgrades to a road car to take it into the next road car class.


Achieving Those Goals

Complete a total of 25 Career Objectives.


Track Master In Training

Master 3 different tracks.



Perfect over 100 corners.


Custom Plates

Alter the license plate on 3 or more of your vehicles.


Making Contacts

Unlock 5 Career Invitational Events.


Rapid Fire Racer

Compete in 10 Multiplayer Quick Races.


Smashed It

Compete in 5 different Breakout events.


Under The Hood

Complete a race using either the ‘High Speed’ or ‘High Grip’ Tuning Presets in a race car.



Win your first Career Championship.



Earn 20 Accolades.


Seasoned Racer

Reach Player Level 2


Challenge Accepted

Complete 20 Career Objectives in Challenge Events


Goal Orientated

Complete 50 Career Objectives.


Stripped To The Bone

Upgrade a Road spec car to Race Spec with a ‘Race Conversion’.


Making Adversaries

Post a time or score in 10 unique Rivals Events.


Maximising Potential

Upgrade a race car to its highest possible Performance Index Rating (PIR).


They Call Me The Track Master

Master 15 different tracks.


Objectively Brilliant

Complete 100 Career Objectives.


Car Collector

Purchase 25 unique cars.


Silverware Collection

Win 5 different Championships in Career.


Overcome Your Rivals

Earn 300 Rival Points in a single season


Objectively Mad

Complete 200 Career Objectives.


Veteran Racer

Reach Player Level 3


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