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Project Hospital – Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

  • -All nurses, doctors, and technicians require a desk, computer and chair to work from.



  • -Doctors/Nurses won’t count towards the department hospitilisation staff requirements count unless they have the department specialisation (“general surgery”, “cardiology” etc)



  • -Similar to the previous point, doctors/nurses won’t count towards specialist roles (eg. surgeon) unless they have the sub-specialisation (eg. “operative surgery”, “anesthesiology” etc)



  • -When hiring staff (in particular, technologists), pay attention to the required skill needed for each room. It will show you technologists regardless of if they have the required speciality (eg. “USG” for the “Sonography” room). You won’t be able to allocate them to the room unless they have the needed speciality.



  • -Staff will get a bad enviroment negative effect unless you decorate their working enviroments a bit…



  • -The clinics for every department are unlocked from the start. Only hospitalisation requires insurance objectives to unlock.



  • -Hand dryers can be placed above sinks and can be used from there – allows to save on space.



  • -Labs don’t have a office desk listed as a requirement, you can place computers on the lab tables if you’d like.



  • -Having a receptionist does not mean you can’t use the queue machine (and vice versa), they seem to work together.



  • -Doctors offices will say there is no PC in the room (even if there is) if the pc does not have a chair infront of it.



  • -If you’re tight on space, instead of using sinks in most the rooms, you can use the hand sanitiser. It saves room.



  • The room colors (green/blue/red) dictate the rooms default patient access permissions (allowed, only with invitation, and forbidden respectively)



  • On the above, you can change a rooms default access by using the 3 colored hands at the bottom of the management mode screens.


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