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Project Nimbus PC Controls

27 September 2017, Wednesday, 0:31:16




WASD to move.
W = Forward
S = Backward
A = Left
D = Right
E to ascend.

C to descend.

Left ctrl or space bar = Boost/Thrust. Holding it down will make you move faster while tapping it will thrust you. Tap the space bar with WASD and EC to dodge missiles and what not.

Hold down Left Shift = Activates slow-mo/bullet time. Helps improve accuracy and line up your shots. Or gives you time to target enemies with missiles.

LMB (left mouse button) = Fire your weapon. Pretty simple.

RMB = Target lock entering F.E.S mode. Just click it to turn on/off target lock. It’ll lock onto the closest enemy to the recticle, which is indicated by a highlight (a square over their body).

If you have missiles equipped, holding down the RMB places a marker over enemies. You can place multiple markers on one or more enemies. If you let the RMB go (or hold it for too long), it’ll shoot the missiles at the assigned targets. If you held it for too long, it’ll shoot off all your missiles.

If you have funnels (psycho drones on the Mirai), locking on to an enemy will make the funnels focus their attacks to the target and keep it busy. If you un-target, the funnels will shoot down incoming missiles.

The number keys or scroll wheel = change your equipped weapon

R = reload



Pressing the scroll wheel = melee. Only the Mirai and M5 Viper can melee. If you have a target lock, the battleframe will thrust towards the target while meleeing. You can also deflect incoming bullets (even rail guns) and destroy missiles using melee. But you’re better off dodging.

F = Flares. Tip, flares only work on missiles that are in close proximity of the battleframe.

V = switch between 1st/3rd person.

X to transform. Currently, only the M5 Viper battle frame can transform (into a jet). Naturally, like a jet, you’ll go forward constantly.
W = boost
S = brakes
A = Barrel roll left
D = Barrel roll right
Move the mouse to move
Drag the mouse left or right to turn
X = Transform back into a battleframe

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