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PUBG Mission Impossible Outfit: How to Unlock the Outfits

3 August 2018, Friday, 9:06:19

PUBG Mission Impossible Outfit: How to Unlock the Outfits

To unlock each item, you’ll need to spend the required Agent IDs in the game’s store. But how do you unlock these Agent IDs? There are several ways to go about earning them, with some being more effective than others at working your way towards collecting enough to get the full PUBG Mission Impossible outfit (remember: you’ll need 160 in total for the full thing). However, do not buy a crate, simply buy the outfit separately so you’re guaranteed the item.


  • -1 Agent ID per day just for logging in (up to seven days total).


  • -Complete Mission Impossible daily missions: Up to 4 Agent IDs a day.


  • -Co Op Combat Missions: Up to 4 Agent IDs a day


  • -Top Player Objections (rank in the Top 20 or Top 10, depending on the day): Up to 3 Agent IDs a day


As you can see, a fair bit of work needs to go into unlocking them. Keep at it every day, though, and you’ll soon be able to grab them.



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