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Pyre Initial Tier List Assessment

26 July 2017, Wednesday, 10:32:42


Initial Tier List Assessment

S Tier: These Characters define teams and can singlehandedly win games under their own power. Quite literally in fact, you can leave the others in spawn if you’re good with them.

Pametha. Attack grants immunity to aura, moves her forward, leaves lingering death, doesn’t actually dispel her aura. Aura Burst for even more lethality. Long lasting, rather high speed flight means she scores for free against most enemy types. Dash is situational but can push most enemy types out of her way for an assured goal given proximity. Unique item means she can pyredive and respawn, and her damage is good. Pametha does everything all at once, Jack of All Trades, Master of All.

Ti’zo. Trades Pametha’s utility for absolute mastery of his few tools. Implode can singlehandedly take out the entire enemy team, he respawns fast, his Presence is high, and he can easily be built for literally infinite stamina at all times. His dash is tricky to get a feel for, but due to infinite stamina, he can completely forego standard movement. Infinite flight, though it is slow, means he is literally unhittable by ranged attacks and must be tackled out of the air before he can be killed at all.

A Tier. These characters bring a lot to the team, or have a passive that wins games.

Hedwen. Hedwen’s only kinda meh in terms of his personal skills. His team auras are gamebreaking however. Resurrect opens a great many new strategies (Ti’zo bombing), more speed, faster stamina, extended enemy respawn times. As a unit, he would be C tier, as an aurabot, he earns his slot.

Bertrude. Agility. Damage. Shotgun aura blast. Bertrude does a lot of pyre damage, and has the tools to make it happen. She’s held back by a lack of the extreme insanity that makes up the S tier.

B Tier. Characters who do one thing really, REALLY well, but can only really fill that one role. Crippling weaknesses or lack of a godmode button put them below the people above them. Can perform as well or better in the right situations and should never be ignored.

Rukey. Really bad until his third mastery, where he suddenly spikes up to being an insanely fast orb runner who can pyre dive freely. Literally useless on the defense, but pairs exceptionally well with Ti’zo, who can reliably make him openings to do what he does best. He gets the most mileage out of damage talismans, as any team with him on it is almost certainly going to be relying on him to run the orb. Avoid quickness talismans, he becomes too fast to reliably control.

Worm Knight. Rukey’s antithesis in the fragile speedster class. Second only to Ti’zo in terms of killing potential, and without the self sacrifice. High speed as well, but lacks Rukey’s ability to pyredive with impunity. Best used to kill the enemy team, he’s a fast fighter who can abuse Quick Draw and fast movement to kill people in bulk.

C tier. Outshone by the people above them.

Sandlewood. A very defensive, zone control oriented character in a game where defense and zone control can be beaten by dedicated offense characters reliably. It’s not that he’s bad, it’s that his mechanics don’t win you games, they prevent you from losing. Use him to control space and the orb. Score with someone else.

Jodariel. Celestial spike is REALLY REALLY good. It’s a shame Jodariel basically needs a quickness talisman to even function, and Hedwyn’s resurrect to respawn in a timely manner. A total one trick pony, her large aura struggles with a bad ranged attack and horridly slow movement. Leap is good, but pathetic speed and aura shot means she can’t capitalize on it. Celestial spike alone keeps her out of D tier. Have I mentioned Celestial Spike is really good?

D tier. -ae.

-ae. -ae.

Okay, seriously, -ae is BAD. Unlike most other characters, she suffers from a serious case of mastery tax. Infinite stamina with the orb is good, but many of her actions are less responsive than Hedwyns, she doesn’t get Hedwyn’s buffs, and needs two masteries just to get her action speed on par with that of other characters. Her leap is AMAZING, or would be if you had any real control over the range on it. As she is effectively a worse Hedwyn in almost every respect, and Hedwyn would be a C tier character if not for his team buffs being insanely good, -ae is D tier.


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