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Pyre – Secret Achievements Guide

26 July 2017, Wednesday, 16:25:40


Secret Achievements 

The Faithful Drifter
Using the stowaway, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)


The Little Watcher
Using Ti’zo, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)


The Honor Seeker
Using Sir Gilman, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)


The Guilty Sister
Using Pamitha, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)


The Serpent Queen
Using Bertrude, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)


The Plan Maker
Using Volfred, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)


New Alliance
Prevail in a Rite using Jodariel and Pamitha (Campaign)


Sky Explorer
While flying, interact with 10 different observation points (Campaign)


Scourge of the Skies
While flying, bump into five different adversaries’ wagons (Campaign)


Home-field Heroes
Prevail at the Isle of Khaylmer using Ti’zo and Messenger Imp (Versus Mode)


Classic Nightwings
Prevail using Volfred, Ti’zo, and Oralech (Versus Mode)


Sons of Jomuer
Prevail using Rukey, Barker, and Dalbert (Versus Mode)


Dames of the Downside
Prevail using Sandra, Tamitha, and Udmildhe (Versus Mode)


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