Quantum League – Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks


Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

  • While you cannot sprint if you are reloading your gun…


You can cancel the reload in order to sprint by switching weapons.


If both of your guns are out of ammo and you need to sprint; continue spamming weapon switch. (While you are switching between your primary and secondary the game lets you sprint)


This is particularly important at the start of overtime rounds when you need to race for health packs.



  • If you are going into overtime and can’t remember if there are any health packs up, it is often a good idea to use your c1 and scout it out.


On the map Arena you can see every health pack from your spawn.



  • If you press TAB it will bring up a map that shows where the previous loops ran in the round.


Use this during the rewinding animation to plan out your next round and catch the past loops in the open.


Left-click on the map to leave a ping at that location on the map and in the game. (This can be extremely useful when spawning in overtime to keep track of where the health pack is)


When you pull up the map it will always orientate itself with your spawn towards the bottom. The maps Arena and Stadium have red and blue sides that are shown through coloured cover and markings on the wall. If you get confused over which side is which when starting an overtime round, look at the colours on the bottom of your map and compare it to the colours on the walls.



  • All clones in a match will have a small number over their head showing which loop they come from. The clone that your opponent is currently playing as will also have a white background to the number.


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