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Raft Game – PC Keyboard Controls

23 May 2018, Wednesday, 14:00:44

PC Keyboard Controls


WASD -> Movement

Space -> Jump

1-8 -> Select hotbar

Scroll wheel -> Cycle hotbar

E -> Use cookingstands, chests and more

O -> Display FPS counter

Escape -> Open menu / pause game

B/TAB -> Open / close bag & crafting menucrafting menu

R -> Rotates buildable objects

Shift -> Sprint while moving



When holding a building hammer:

Hold right mouse button -> Opens build menu

Left mouse button -> Place building



When holding a hook:

Hold left mouse button -> Charge throw



When hook is in water:

Hold left mouse button -> Drag hook towards you

Click right mouse button -> Abort / Instantly receive hook to hand



When holding a fishingrod:

Hold left mouse button -> Charge throw

Click left mouse button -> Pull fish from water



When holding a food or water:

Click left mouse button -> Drink / eat (You can drink water but first you need to cook it)



When holding an axe:

Hold left mouse button -> Destroy build objects / cut palm tree



Saving the game

Saving can be done by either exiting to the main menu or by exiting the game.

Saved files can later on be found in the main menu.


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