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Raft – Helpful and Time-saving Items

24 May 2018, Thursday, 5:30:41

Helpful and Time-saving Items

Some items, not all of which have to be learned, become your best friend because of how helpful they can become. Some examples are listed below:


Collection net

This is learned from the research table and is one of the most helpful items in the game (currently) as it auto collects floating objects and stacks them up, awaiting to be collected with ease. It is placed next to a foundation and is best built by making a line of them on the front of the raft/whichever direction you are moving.

They can be picked up by holding ‘X’ and replaced onto another side if your direction changes.



Storage (researched storage box)

This storage box becomes a life saver when you have gathered more materials than you can carry. The small storage box only has 8 available slots, whereas the larger one (just named storage) has 20 available slots, allowing for proper and easier sorting of your items and less room being taken up.



Metal spear

This spear can become both a life and raft saver compared to its wooden cousin. Dettering the shark only takes 2 hits rather than 4, meaning your raft will have taken less damage and if youre caught out whilst exploring underwater, you may just get out alive.

It can be crafted using:

  • -6 planks
  • -2 rope
  • -2 metal ingot
  • -1 Bolt



Scrap hook

The scrap hook is a must-have. It has a rapid reel-in time as well as the ability to 1 hit resources. It can be thrown out 1/3 more than the length of the plastic hook and have a higher durability rate. It has become helpful in several occasions where barrels and other required resources were floating past the raft and needed to be quickly grappled.


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