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Raft – How to Stay Safe in The Water

7 June 2018, Thursday, 8:03:59

How to Stay Safe in The Water

If you are in the water with the shark swimming about,

1. Locate which direction the shark will attack you from.

2. Swim straight “AT” the shark (do not sit still, and definitely do not move backwards)

3. As soon as the shark opens its mouth when close enough to bite you, stab your spear into its mouth and it will deflect away from you without harming you.



This is a very short term defense, as it will eventually loop back around to attempt another bite on the player. This can be repeated as many times as your spear has durability for. If you are quick enough, immediately after deflecting the shark with the first stab, you can consistently turn and stab it a second time as it swims away.


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