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Raft – Navigating

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At the very beginning, your raft will follow the current on its own.


After a while you should craft a Sail [ Plank(10), Palm Leaf(20), Scrap(3) ] and a Streamer [ Plank(6), Rope(3), Nail(3) ]. The Sail will allow you to control where your raft is going, and if you’re following the current, it will make your raft go much faster. The Streamer is a little flag that shows you the direction of the said current, allowing you to point the Sail in the same way.


If you aim your Sail in the complete opposite of the current, your raft will be slow or even stop moving altogether.


The next step is to craft a Receiver [ Plank(8), Plastic(6), Circuit Board(2), Hinge(1) ] and 3 Antennas [ Scrap(4), Circuit Board(1), Bolt(1) for each ].


The Receiver and Antennas need to be on a higher floor, not next to each other but not too far either. The Antennas will turn green when positioned correctly. If they are red, turn on the Receiver which will tell you what’s wrong ( not high enough, too far… ).


You need a Battery [ Copper Ingot(1), Plastic(6), Scrap(3) ] to make the Receiver work. It will slowly deplete itself, and when it’s dead, you need to place a new one and get rid of the old one ( for now, you can’t recharge them ).


The Receiver, when on, will show you a radar, a green dot will be there, and a number indicating how far it is. Turn your Sail in the direction of the green dot and turn off the Receiver to not use too much of your Battery. Come back regularly to check you’re still going in the right direction.


The green dots will show you the way to Radio Stations and Large Islands!


Keep an eye on the horizon; there’s much to explore!


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