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Raft – Underwater Exploration

24 May 2018, Thursday, 5:21:50

Underwater Exploration

Some resources are limited to underwater only, meaning at some point, you will have to enter the darkness with the shark lurking around. The best place to do this is right up against an island or the boulders that stick out from the water. Here it is shallower, allowing for more time underwater and quick access to the raft if the shark comes for you.


When gathering resources from underwater, you will need to take your grappling hook. For the basic one, it will take 3 hits to break an item such as rock or metal ore whereas the upgraded one only takes one hit. Some of the main things that you can find underwater are sand, clay, giant clams, sunken crates, metal ore and copper ore.


Its crucial not to forget to have an anchor on your raft to ensure it doesnt float away. The basic one is non-reuseable so will have to be crafted over and over again whereas the more expensive one can be used as many times as you like.


To allow for longer underwater exploration and faster swimming, you can learn and craft the makeshift fins and oxygen tank.


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