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Railway Empire – Chapter 1 – The Great Plains Tips

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Chapter 1 – The Great Plains Tips

The Great Plains is the beginner level and locks you into Roger Smythe as your character. As you can see Roger Smythe gets a 5% bonus from freight prices. As stated in the characters section, this is a late game trait.


Scenario: The last track of the intercontinental railroad is beginning but needs to get a path westward through the mountains into Cheyenne.


Thomas Clark Duncan the famous rail man is the guide. The absolute best tip is to, follow the guide. Skipping ahead or doing your own thing will cause you to be late on getting objectives and doing them late.


The big problem is that eventually you will be given a list of things that you have to do and if you lose too much time playing around you won’t get to the list. To get ahead the list is as follows:

1864 – Connect Omaha to North Platte

1864 – Connect Omaha to Cheyenne

1866 – Deliver 10 Loads of Cattle to Denver

1867 – Deliver 16 Loads of Meat to Cheyenne

1868 – Connect 150,000 people to your network

1867 – Reach a Population of 30,000 in Cheyenne

1867 – Connect Omaha to Rock Springs

1868 – Transport 100 Passengers from Rock Springs to Cheyenne without stopping


On major tip is that if you select the symbol that looks like a stock chart on the top right you can go over one slot and take out two loans that will give you a giant boost of income.


Otherwise read the tutorial in this section on building train lines. Try not to build lines through mountains, far cheaper to build around.


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