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Railway Empire – Chapter 2 – The Early Days Tips

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Chapter 2 – The Early Days Tips

You will notice that once again you are forced to take Roger Smythe the freight bonus guy.


Scenario: Years before the first chapter the rail is just beginning on the east coast to support New York trade. Pre-rail people traveled via unsafe horse and carts. On this map you have two opponents, The Gangster and The Lady. See the section for how their AI works.

1831 – Connect Baltimore and Washington

1831 – Connect 3 rural resources


Each city can handle two railways. Do yourself a favor and point the Baltimore one south (the rail should be long the south side of the station.


The Baltimore-Washington line despite being very short is highly profitable. You can check line profits by selecting the Train button on the left in front of three horizontal lines.


Other than this I would just skip over to the next set of objectives and aim for them first.

1832 – Connect Baltimore and Pittsburgh

1833 – Deliver 10 Loads of Cotton to Pittsburgh

1823 – Deliver 20 Loads of Clothing to New York


You will note that a straight path to Pittsburgh is insanely expensive. You cannot win the match this way. Instead head east towards The Gangster’s territory and wrap your way along the northeast border all the way to Pittsburgh. You will find there are cuts in the mountains that allow you to build a rail system without having to build tunnels.


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If you are falling short on cash make sure to issue bonds. Issuing bonds comes with interest but gives a large amount of cash. The profits from your rail by connecting all the cities along the way will more than pay for the costs of the bonds.


You will want to make a path that looks something like this;


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This will get you to Pittsburgh fast. To get a line from Pittsburgh to New York create either a direct paralell track or create side tracks. To parallel move a track near an existing track and they’ll click in. This saves you money on construction. Side tracks go off of an existing track and on an existing one. The only disadvantage is that one train will have to wait for another one to complete the side track. However it is generally cheaper and is something that can be modified later when you have more money.


You are building your first supply line. There is a cotton supply near Pittsburgh. Shipping this to Pittsburgh will create Silk. Shipping Silk from Pittsburgh to Baltimore will create dresses. And from Baltimore to New York will be the shipping of dresses.

1836 – Connect Baltimore and Toledo

1838 – Reach a population of 100,000 in Baltimore

1838 – Connect 10 rural businesses

1840 – Buy 20% shares in a competitor

1845 – Achieve a company value of $20,000,000

1845 – Buy one of your competitors


You have two real challenges among this. The first is getting Baltimore to 100,000. The second is to buy a competitor.


Competitor shares are cheaper earlier in the game and get more expensive over time. It’s almost worthwhile to just save up and buy out one of them outright. You have to be able to purchase an entire company before you get to wealthy so earlier is better. As a tip if you ever go into the negative (even for a second) you will be handed $2,000,000 free dollars which can be used to purchase a large sum of a competitor.


With Baltimore you need to supply its needs. If you enter the city and click Information you will get this;


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It breaks down specific needs and the easiest thing to do is just… fulfill them.


A good tip is to level up New York and Washington as well so that they will gain an extra industry. The extra industry will supply some of the demand of Baltimore at far greater amounts than the on-map resources. Baltimore has no source of beer, so beer in Washington will be a huge win.


Once Baltimore gets to 70,000 you can build a museum. Museum will supply some of the needs which lowers the amount of goods citizens will need to advance in population.


To get to $20,000,000 just connect all the cities. Connecting all the cities will allow you to hit a $20,000,000 valuation.


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