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Railway Empire – Chapter 3 – Over the Mississippi Tips

Over the Mississippi Tips

Scenario: In this non-linear order you are now moving from the east coast to attempting to build a very large bridge over the Mississippi. Whereas normally you just pay money this map will require you to build resources for bridge building, completely unique to this map. You will be joined by The Trickster and The Lady on this map.

1854 – Connect 10 Rural Businesses

1856 – Connect 250,000 people to your network


It might seem wise to connect in chronological order but connect as many cities as you can first. The rural businesses can come after once you figure out what sorts of things each city will need and in what amounts. There are a lot of easy to access cities. Head east and north first and then look to the south. Starting off with a large number of connected cities will give a large boon.


To figure out what resources to connect to what cities select a city and see what it demands. A demand under 0.5 will not support one train. You will need to connect multiple resources or a resource to multiple cities (via one train) in order to make profit. Focus on the demands over one as they can support a train. Demands over 3 can support two trains.


Chicago is a good place to start linking everything up to. It is surrounded by towns and has a giant population meaning they will take in almost all goods.


After you complete these goals you can unlock Rock Island which is not somewhere the game will allow you to build to initially.


OPTIONAL 1854 – Reach a population of 100,000 in Toledo


This is a fairly easy objective to accomplish. Connect the Indianapolis, Chicago and Grand Rapids to Toledo. This will do most of the work. After this connect a source of Fruit and whatever resources it needs to build its industry. If you build a museum it will help get it to the appropriate number faster.


Optional 1856 – Connect cities Chicago, St. Louis and Louisville


Chicago is in the middle of the map. St. Louis is to the southwest. Louisville is to the southeast. It’s just a good idea to connect them regardless.


1858 – Deliver 50 Loads of Lumber to Rock Island


To accomplish this you need to have a city that produces Lumber. Lumber is produced from Wood. Connect a wood source to a Lumber production and connect that city to Rock Island. Easiest way to do it is purchase a Lumber business near Rock Island. But connecting a random one will work and you will have time.


If Rock City builds a lumber yard you will have to buy it and destroy it, otherwise it will not take Lumber deliveries.


1861 – Transport 100 passengers from Toledo to Omaha without stopping


You cannot cross the Mississippi river without using the bridge you built. So you have two paths on.


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