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Railway Empire – Chapter 4 – Civil War Tips

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Chapter 4 – Civil War Tips

Scenario: The American Civil War has broken out and it is being shoe-horned into this game without any particular care for accuracy. You are to supply troops with weapons and supplies as they push deeper and deeper south. This historical fiction focuses largely on the battles in Kentucky. But you won’t see any actual battles. You will be playing against General Jonathan Johnson who won’t take any actions against you and who you will get free infrastructure from him from time to time.

1861 – Reach a population of 60,000 in Louisville

1861 – Produce 1 Load of Weapons


Getting Louisvile to 60,000 can be accomplished by using the infrastructure provided. The city has a museum which will “carry you” to the objective.


You get your first warehouse. This can be loaded with goods from multiple points and two trains will run supplies from the warehouse to Louisville.


Focus on connecting as many cities as are available. This will give you the revenue needed for the rest of the game.


Weapons are the second most complicated supply line in the game.


You need to produce Chemicals which are made from Coal.


You will need to produce Lumber which is made from Wood.


You will need to ship the Lumber, Chemicals and also Iron to one city where they will be produced. This is a lot more time sensitive than the preceeding levels so it is important to try and rush out those weapons before even getting the population of Louisville to 60,000.

1862 – Transport 12 Loads of Weapons


Not all cities will accept weapons. They need to have a very high population for that.


But Nashville and Memphis both have a special structure called a “Military Depot” which will collect and stockpile weapons. Create a line to Nashville from wherever you have decided to build weapons and another one to Memphis to begin the process. While you are waiting for the weapons to ship upgrade your weapon creating capacity and ship resources to places to improve their overall level of happiness. More lines = more money = easier game.


You can also setup your weapon dumping lines into loops if you have a surplus weapons problem in your city. You can click on the city to see how many items, how many passenger trains and how many mail trains are unserviced by transit.

1863 – Deliver 12 Loads of Weapons to Knoxville

1863 – Deliver 12 Loads of Weapons to Jackson

1863 – Transport 3,000 passengers.


Guess what, these places also have military depots. Make a line to Knoxville, this is the easiest one to deal with. If you made a line to Memphis just redirected it to Jackson. Any other lines that are shipping weapons can be set to “Passenger and Mail Only” from “Automatic” to avoid them taking weapons designated for elsewhere.


Knoxville will likely finish receiving weapons first due to the shortness of the line so set it to Passenger and Mail Only as soon as it is done. Once you are done all these objectives you can turn all routes back to Automatic.


The 2,000 passengers you have to transport can be transported anywhere. They’re hypothetical troops but since they go anywhere…. not actual troops.

1864 – Transport 3,000 passengers from Louisville to Atlanta without stopping

1864 – Reach a population of 60,000 in Atlanta

1865 – Reach a population of 70,000 in Jacksonville


Make a direct line between Louisville and Atlanta immediately and set it to Mail and Passenger only so that freight doesn’t take priority. Market Crier will help get more passengers on your train. Purchase one and select “Comfort.” If you select “Safety” it will only give bonuses to trains that feature a Security Guard. Another useful bit of information, the bigger Louisville is the more passengers it will host.


You are going to get a lot of cities and you simply need to connect all the routes on there. There are going to be a lot of routes you can do.


Getting Atlantic’s population up will be your first focus due to the time constraint.


You should try and get the populations up of all the southern towns as it will allow them to produce more goods and feed into each other. When the tide rises we all go up.


To get Jacksonville to 70,000 you need to get to 60,000 and build a museum. This will reduce the amount of goods you will need to get it higher.


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