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Railway Empire – Setting Up a Route


Setting Up a Route

Campaign 1 shows how to set up a simple route.

Some undocumented features are worth knowing.

If you set up a route just by selecting Stations, the game automatically selects the shortest route to the next Station, and picks the nearest Platform at that Station. This has the tendency to result in lots of trains stacked up waiting for the same Platform, while other accessible Platforms sit unused. This takes many players off guard. You need to manually select different Platforms to help distribute the load. While this may surprise or even upset some players, it is the current intended behavior of the game.

When you add a Station to a route, if you SHIFT while clicking on the white circle it will open the dialog box to manage that Station stop for this train. You can click on a Platform to set it as the target, and also manage what to load and how much to load at that Station if you like.

You can also set Waypoints to direct a train to use a particular section of track. Just click on the piece of track you want it to use, making sure to put it in the right order among the Station stops you plan. You can use this, for example, to use a bypass or siding rather than automatically following the shortest route (which the game chooses by default.) This can be valuable to keep trains off of precious Platforms that are used for loading/unloading.

When setting a Waypoint, make sure you pick the exact track section you want to use. If clicking on a double track, don’t get the wrong one or your train will take a crazy path!

Warning: for Goals that require delivery of passengers non-stop from one City to another, use of a Waypoint (or any scheduled stop at any Station) will disqualify that load of passengers. (Unscheduled stops due to breakdown, stopping for supplies, or blocked track are ok.)


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