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Rake Monster Hunter – Tips & Tricks

14 April 2018, Saturday, 5:39:14

Tips & Tricks

-First and foremost, given where the shoot button is positioned on the screen, it is unbelievably easy to accidentally fire the shotgun as you turn to look around.


-Your hunter only gets two shots before having to reload his gun — so you always want both shots available whenever Rake appears. To avoid this issue, keep your right thumb a bit higher or over to the side than normal.


-When the game starts, make sure to pick up all the tent freebies in the corners to max out your held traps, ammo, lights, and cameras. These are pretty hard to see in the tent, so turn on your flashlight with the button in the lower-right corner of the screen.


-After leaving the tent to begin the search, set up cameras to check different areas so you don’t have to always trudge back and forth, and be wary of a roar off in the distance, indicating Rake is approaching.


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