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Raw Data – Data Cores & Defenses

5 October 2017, Thursday, 21:15:47



Raw data extraction is made swift and easy with the Copernicus model 438-C Portable Data Core, used by all SyndiK8 operatives. Once the extraction process is started, please take all precautions to protect the Data Core against external interruption.


Initiate each mission by inserting the Data Extractor: use the Grip buttons to pick up the Extractor, then insert it into the designated port on the Core. When a phase is complete, grab or shoot the Extractor to start the next wave.




Place deployable Defenses around the map at critical choke points as extra insurance against Eden’s endless robot army. At the start of each mission, you will have 200 credits to spend on Defenses using the Builder Tool, with additional credits earned by killing enemies.



Medium-range, rapid- re turret that can shoot lasers, mortars, or plasma beams.



Repairs an existing Defense.


Shield Station

Deployable cover that emits a projectile-blocking barrier.



Removes the Defense and returns a percent of its value.

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