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Realm Royale – How to Unlock FPS Cap

15 July 2018, Sunday, 0:48:19

How to Unlock FPS Cap

Realm Royale comes with a 150 FPS lock through Frame Rate Smoothing. Here’s how you can unlock the FPS and disable the Frame Rate Smoothing.


  • -Go to the \Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\My Games\paladinsroyale\RealmGame\Config\folder and open the RealmEngine.ini with the editor of your choice, for example Notepad.


  • -Search for [Engine.GameEngine] in the file.


  • -Change the value of the second command under this group “bSmoothFrameRate” to FALSE (bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE).


  • -You’re done. To make sure this won’t get overwritten in the future, make the file read-only.



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