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Tips & Tricks


If you’re curious what ping and fps you are getting on your PC then all you need to do is press F9 and it will be displayed!




There’s five different classes to choose from and each has a unique set of abilities. If you like a more sneaky based game and utilize the shadows then Assassin is really good for this style of play. Warrior is good if you like in your face aggression, and the Engineer can utilize turrets to whittle down their opponents. Mage’s have great aggressive spells, but can also play more defensively with their Ice Block and Walls. Hunter has great movement ability and a very strong Longbow legendary!




You need to get loot right away and there’s always a good amount of chests in houses, so be sure to drop directly in front of doorways. You can also land on balconies in two story structures so you can run right into them and loot up.




If you land right next to someone try to dagger them if possible. You’d be surprised how effective the dagger is in the early game, it does 400 damage for each hit you land and players start with 1,200 hp. You only have to hit them three times to put them in chicken form, and once they are there you should be able to finish them pretty easily.




Left: Chest (Armor, Abilities, Weapons) – Right: Weapon Chest (Weapons Only)

In the early game you need weapons and abilities first, so these chests and weapons chests have what you need. The square cube like boxes ONLY have potions in them. While you will need these, if you are racing for loot against an enemy it’s best to loot these other chests first.




If there’s a skill or an item you are not going to use then make sure you are disenchanting it. You’ll need shards to craft your legendary armor and weapons, so make sure you keep this in mind. You can only hold 200 shards at a time, so be sure to visit the Forge often. This leads into our next tip…




You want to get your best armor and weaponry as soon as possible, and the Forge is the best way to accomplish this. You can get Legendary armor, weapons, and skills here. Another thing you can craft that is often overlooked is armor and health potions. If you have a bunch of extra shards burning a hole in your pocket, make sure you have plenty of these potions.


Legendary skills and armor are both 60 shards, and the Legendary weapon is 90 (you also need a chicken leg, which requires you or a teammate to get a kill). You can only craft one legendary weapon, and you can’t use one from another class. You can only craft one legendary piece of each item per forge.


Be aware when you are in the Forge, because this is a hot spot for activity and can get crazy really quickly. Just about everyone who is in your area will likely need to use the Forge in the early to mid-game, but once you reach the late game most people will be fully armored and geared out so it becomes less important.




If you are headed to a Forge and you see that it’s smoking out of a chimney then that means it is currently being used. This is an easy way to know if you need to prepare for battle when approaching one!




One interesting thing in this game is that there’s no fall damage. You can jump from whatever height you want to, but at a certain distance you will land like you would if you had jumped out of the blimp. If you were on your mount it will dismount you and run the landing animation. This can be bad if you are in the midst of a fight because you can’t move briefly. Keep this in mind when playing!




Abilities are crucial in this game, so make sure you have a good handle on them. Try to use abilities that compliment each other. If you are running a Warrior with a sword, then use abilities that allow you to get in close to your enemy that will take advantage of it. Engineers can put down a turret and follow it up with a shield. Mage’s have a lot of great damage spells that can be used aggressively, you can even combine two Fire abilities together for additional damage! Check out our Realm Royale Abilities List to see everything each class has to offer.




If you get taken down you turn into a chicken, but this does not mean you should give up. Try to run away or hide as quickly as possible because after 30 seconds you will be automatically resurrected. They have to finish you off in chicken form, so this is far from the end! You can resurrect from a chicken up to three times, if you look near your health bar you’ll see a number next to a feather. This is how many times you have left to be resurrected from chicken form.


This also means that you need to make sure you FINISH anyone that turns into a chicken. You don’t get credit for an elimination until that chicken is down, so don’t forget to chase them down.


If you are in chicken form and trying to make an escape, try to hide somewhere and stop moving. If you aren’t moving you won’t continue to cluck and make noise making you more difficult to find.


Chickens can jump through most windows, so if you are inside a structure you can maybe escape through one!




Third person mode can be a blessing and a curse, but before you go running out into an area where you think enemies are about you should use the mode to your advantage. Push up against the wall and look around, you can see a lot from this and not put yourself at risk. This will allow you to plan your next move, or quickly peak out and snap off a quick shot.




If you are coming from Fortnite it might be hard to get used to not being able to instantly have cover. Hiding behind walls and staying covered is one of the most important aspects of staying alive. Try to be unpredictable, come around from different angles, use your movement abilities to get around your enemies!


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