Realms of Arkania: Star Trail – Camp in The Wild


Camp in The Wild

Anyone who travels also has to sleep. You can simply set up a camp if you don’t make it to a city by night. The dialog window ‚Take a break?’ always gives you the opportunity to break the journey. You can set up a camp at any time by clicking the „Break Journey” button. However, a camp is set up automatically if your heroes are too exhausted to continue traveling.


If you set up a camp, the leader’s „Wildlife” talent determines how well the camp will be. The better the camp, the better the regeneration.


There is also a simplification in the search for food and herbs, and talents and spells.


In a camp, you can also replenish your supplies, search for herbs, and assign guards. You can select these and more from the ring menu.


You can be attacked during a break. If you assigned guards, it depends on how fit the guard was during his guard duty. The better he pays attention, the more heroes he can wake up before the battle starts. It is important for a guard to have a high value in the talent “Self-Control”.


Assign Guards: Here you can assign guards to keep guard and to take care of the camp fire during the night. You can reassign the assigned guards at any time, and it is possible to assign a single guard for all three spots if necessary. Do not forget to do this on the first night of your journey because it could end up very badly if nobody keeps guard and you are suddenly surprised by attackers.


Replenish Supplies: Here you have the option to obtain food and water. The selected hero will first search for water, and then food. This appeases the thirst and hunger of the heroes depending on the success of the searcher. There may be leftover food if the heroes were barely hungry and the searcher was successful so that the heroes can make food packages for further journeys.


Search Herbs: Here you can select a hero to search for herbs. The hero should have good values in botany and wildlife. A good supply of herbs is highly recommended because some of them can heal diseases.


Use Talent: If necessary, you can order a hero to heal another hero’s wounds, diseases, or poisonings.


Use Magic: If necessary, you can use spells or meditate to convert life energy to astral energy.


Camp Palaver: At a camp in nature, the heroes can talk to each other before going to sleep. The heroes will give each other tips regarding the journey.


Sleep: Here you can adjust how long you want to sleep. The journey will continue after the night’s sleep.


Abort Camp: can abort the set-up camp at any time and continue your journey. This is only possible if you didn’t have to set up a camp due to exhaustion. In that case, you have to sleep first before you are able to leave the camp.


You can find further useful tips about camping in the wild, in cities, and in dungeons in the “Help” section of the game.

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