Realms of Arkania: Star Trail – Controls in Cities and Dungeons


Controls in Cities and Dungeons

If you press the cursor button to go forward, your hero group will walk at normal speed. If you also hold the SHIFT key, your group will run.


The cursor buttons left, and right will make you spin around your own axis in the respective direction. However, if you press the F8 key, you walk sideways to the left and right when pressing the left or right cursor button.


You can also use the WASD keys instead of the cursor buttons.


You can observe the game environment by holding the right mouse button. If you hold down the right mouse button while walking forward, you can change the movement direction by changing the viewing direction.



Ring Menu

If you are inside a building, or if you are walking around in a city or dungeon, you can open the ring menu by clicking the left mouse button. The ring menu shows you various options depending on the locality. If you hover the mouse cursor over a button, it will show you what the button stands for. Click on it to perform the action.


The buttons are very similar whether you are in the wild, in a city, or a dungeon:

– Quest Book (open)

– Use Magic

– Split Group

– Camp (set up)

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