Realms of Arkania: Star Trail – Leveling Up


Leveling Up

You receive adventure points for solving tasks and defeating opponents. A hero can level up after collecting enough adventure points. This is indicated by a symbol in the character portrait. Simply go to the character chart of the hero and click on Level Up.


When leveling up, a positive feature will be increased, and a negative feature can be decreased. The life energy and the astral energy in magically talented characters is increased. Depending on the class, the heroes have different options to increase their talents and spells.






There are two leveling systems in Star Trail HD. One of them is known from Destiny’s Blade HD, and the other one is a simplified version that is based on the 4th rule edition of “The Black Eye”. You no longer have to roll with the so-called simplified leveling system but, depending on the level of the talent or magic value, there are a number of points that can be distributed.


You can choose the desired leveling system by clicking „Gameplay” in the „Settings”. You can then choose between „Simplified” or „DSA Classic” in „Generation and Leveling”.


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