Red Alert Remastered Cheats



Red Alert Remastered Cheats

Regenerate Ore Every Mission

In the singleplayer campaign, whenever you find yourself running out of ore, save the game and then reload it. The ore will have fully respawned and you’ll have as much to delve for cash as you had at the start of the mission.



How to Unlock the Hidden singleplayer Ant Missions

While you’re on Red Alert’s Main Menu, move your mouse to hover over the top-right side of the Main Menu where you see a speaker in the background. Next, hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and at the same time left-click with your mouse on the speaker to immediately access the secret Ant Missions.


Next time you play Red Alert, you can access it more easily from the Main Menu, by going to Mission Select, selecting the Ant Logo tab, and then you can choose what mission from the “IT CAME FROM! Ant Campaign” you want to play!



Nuke Silo Selling Glitch To Gain Free Gold & Infantry

How to get free money and infantry units:

Step 1: When you play as the Soviet or Allies, build a Tech Center to get access to advanced building like the Missile Silo that sends out an Atom Bomb. Now wait for your Nuclear Bomb to get READY by switching the right-side building menu to the Superweapons Tab.


Step 2: Then the Game Speed can be adjusted from the Options menu by pausing the game with the Esc key and selecting Options and then setting the Game Speed to its slowest (move the slider all the way to the left).


Step 3: Once done, go back to resume the game and put the Missile Silo and the mini-map side-by-side on your screen, so you have to move your mouse as little as possible in the next steps.


Step 4: Press the SHIFT & S keys at the same time to more quickly go in & out of selling mode, or you can find the selling $-button for it in the right-side building menu (use whichever is easier for you). Now you are ready to use the Nuke Silo Selling Glitch.


Step 5: With the Atom Bomb ready, sell your Missile Silo, exit selling mode, and immediately select & fire the Atom Bomb at your enemy via the mini-map (since time is of the essence). Because you fired an Atom Bomb after selling, the Missile Silo sale will automatically be CANCELLED! But it will still partially sell… giving you part of its selling price and 5 random infantry units for free, while still firing a Nuke!


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