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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

25 October 2018, Thursday, 20:51:36

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

-Money can be quite hard to come by in the early stages of Red Dead Redemption 2. The most reliable method is to loot any enemy you kill and sell their belongings or donate it to your camp. The items are often far more valuable than the actual cash you’ll find on the bodies.




-Just like GTA 5 on PC, Red Dead Redemption 2 ships with a first-person mode. Pressing the View button on the Xbox One controller or the touchpad on the PS4 controller will allow you to play RDR2 in first-person.




-To keep your horse happy and healthy, and retain a strong bond, you will need to keep it fed and clean. A horse’s health and stamina cores are affected when it gets hungry or dirty – meaning it’ll tire faster and withstand less damage. You will see a warning when your horse starts to become hungry or dirty. Hold L1 or LB and navigate to the horse item menu to select and use food items or the horse brush.




-Get Money from Hunting Animals. Selling animal meat and skin is a viable source of income in Red Dead Redemption 2. Traders will pay good money for high quality meat and pelt so make sure to always get a clean kill.




-Loot Crafting Materials from Animals. Crafting materials like pelts can be taken from animals and turned into clothing or other items. Some crafting materials are exclusive to certain animals however.




-Feed Your Camp with the Meat. Meat from animals will help feed your camp for a day. Keep the bellies of your companions happy with a good meat in the stew pot.




-Track Animals by Their Footprints/Blood. Animals will leave footprints across the terrain that you can follow to get to their location. If you’ve already wounded the animal, you can also follow the blood to get your kill.




-Fresher Meat Means More Pay. It’s best to take kills back to shops and traders as quickly as possible as the meat will rot with time. Fresher meat will always be paid more by traders so bringing in a fresh kill is always better.




-Just like hunting, fishing can be a good source of income. Traders around the map will pay well for fresh fish and materials.




-You can get useful materials from the different fish you can find. These materials can be used for crafting different items, like clothing.




-At almost any point in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can roll up on someone as the outlaw that you are and rob them. No questions asked. They don’t need to be a special NPC or a shopkeeper, you can just rob anyone on the street that’s a stranger. Depending on who they are, they might draw their weapon to fight back, but it’s a risk you can take.




-Hunting can be a lot of work though — and it’s dangerous. For a change of pace, you can stop by camp or various saloons in town to do things like play Poker (the Texas Hold’em variety of course,) or Dominoes, or even Five Finger Fillet if you’re confident in your rhythm and timing skills. You need to be consistently good or consistently lucky to make much money, but they’re fun distractions regardless.




-The easiest way to make money in the early game in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to complete story missions and side missions. In the initials stages of the game, this will be your best source of cold, hard cash.



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