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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Useful Tips & Tricks

29 October 2018, Monday, 14:30:32

Useful Tips & Tricks

-If you add a waypoint to where you want to go, change to cinematic view and your horse will auto drive you to the location.




-Hold the loot button and keep holding it to continue to search everything in the area or loot all the bodies as you pass over them.




-Tap left on the d-pad to open the log during a mission, then click on the mission, then press right a few times to see a history of all dialogue since the start of the mission, as well as any tooltip info or button tutorials that you may have missed. Downside is, this won’t work between missions (like in camp), but you can record a clip and go back to watch it if there’s something else you missed in those circumstances.




-You can replay missions from the log as well, and it will show you the checklist of things you need to do in order to get a better medal.




-The help section in the pause menu is extensive. Spend 10 minutes to read up everything early on — from riding to combat to activities to general tips, there’s plenty of things you might have missed there.




-Prioritize upgrading Dutch’s tent in the camp first (it will bring in more contributions from other gang members so doing it early will benefit you most). It will also mean that you can focus on upgrading your own area next, which is how you’ll unlock fast travel to areas you’ve already discovered.




Use eagle-eye (even indoors) by clicking in both left and right thumbsticks and you’ll be able to see animal tracks, which way the wind is blowing (you can see your smell blowing off of you) — this will help you hunt AND find everything you can loot inside a building.




-Whistle or use the prompt to make animals pop their heads up for a clean shot.




-Down on the d-pad will aim down scope in first person mode.




-Tap LB/L1 once to unholster your weapon, and tap it again to holster it. Double tap it to spin it around in a flourish before bolstering. Pressing LT/L2 is for when you want to quick draw on someone you’re definitely going to shoot. Because there are new contextual actions for just threatening people by pointing your gun, or de-escalating by putting it away, these have separate buttons/functions now.



-ALWAYS be pressing L3 while riding a horse — you’ll see the horse+ icon on the right as you do it, showing that you’re actively bonding with the horse, which allows you to bond twice as fast as riding helps that bond as well. This also soothes them when predators are nearby.



-You can press up on the d-pad with your weapon out to fire a warning shot up in the air.



-HOLD B/Circle while running to tackle someone. Equip your knife from the weapon wheel first and you’ll stab them in the neck while you do it. Have the lasso out for an immediate hogtie.




-Put your bandana on before committing a crime, as well as a disguise — then when out of sight (but while WANTED is still on the screen), change clothes (from your horse’s inventory) and take the bandanna/disguise/mask off. Changing your facial hair and hairstyle in addition to your clothes will also make the description of the suspect they’re looking for harder to identify.




-Learn how to play poker in camp (where blinds are only a couple cents and you might only lose a few dollars if you’re garbage — do this before playing for real cash out in the world).




-You can only get a hair cut or facial hair style if you have enough hair for it. You can grow hair faster by buying hair tonics.




-Tapping and HOLDING buttons can have different actions. HOLDING the hamburger button will open the menu.




-Manual save often and use all the slots in case you want/need to return to a specific earlier part in the game for any reason.




-You can change the controls for first/third person and shooting/riding in the options.




-You can change it so you just tap the run button once to start running as long as you’re also pointing in a direction with the analogue stick (also in the options).




-You can change how long you have to keep a button pressed in the options.




-You can swap tapping the run button for clicking the left thumbstick (traditional FPS controls) in the same menu.




-While in first person, you can more easily navigate tricky areas, and running speed is tied to how hard you push the analogue stick forward.




-Bring your horse to stables to let them rest up better than just being hitched outside.




-You can gain stamina back faster while crouched.



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