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Reigns: Her Majesty Endings Guide

9 December 2017, Saturday, 22:03:53


Endings Guide

General setup for each ending

1. Die 3 times and get the Blank Spellbook.

2. Recruit the Acolyte during the coronation ball and give her the book, she will turn it into the Red Spellbook, used for talking to any animal.

3. Use the book to talk to the cat, Rex, she will tell you that you will need to speak to a fox in order to meet the Lady of the Wood.

4. Ask the hunter for living foxes when he offers dead ones. If he asks to build a zoo, allow him, you can find any animal (apart from the doe, but including the fox) in there as well. If he asks to slay a rare beast, allow him, this will give you the Chicken Bone which you also need

6. Recruit the Doctor who resides in the tower, who will give you the Strange Clock at some point, you can trigger this by showing the Red Spellbook to her. Give the Strange Clock to the Merchant to turn it into the Destiny Clock used for changing your sign in the maze. You can go to the maze when the king asks if you want to go, or force it by showing the Destiny Clock to an animal.

5. Now, make sure you are in an age of Cancer. The Acolyte can tell you what your sign is, or, if you already have the Destiny Clock (mentioned in step 6), you can change your sign in the maze. You should encounter the fox eventually, use the Red Spellbook on him, he will take you to the Lady of the Wood.

6. The white doe (Lady of the Wood) will tell you that you need to win a duel with yourself, since this is a great act of reflection. For this to be possible you’ll need to have the Mechanic offer to repair your owl, which will unlock the dueling room. Also you need the Magic Mirror from the same Mechanic. For the pistol, when the explorer asks to find a new world, allow him to and tell him to travel to the north. He will bring a Barbarian Prisoner, who will give you a Dueling Pistol.

6. Use the pistol on the mirror. Shoot when the Owl reads:
Hidden in the garden maze is one great, sacred crown: “Follow the sun, dear child,” she says…
The all-mother will appear and upgrade your Red Spellbook into a Celestial Spellbook.


Ending 1

7. Go to the maze and summon the eclipse by following the sun and then using the Destiny Clock on the moon monument you’ll find. Use the Celestial Spellbook on the all-mother (the book now has a crown on it).


Ending 2

7. Go to the maze and summon the eclipse by following the sun and then using the Destiny Clock on the moon monument you’ll find, then use any random item on the all-mother.


Ending 3 (“True Ending”)

7. First you’ll need the Saint’s Bone, you get this by showing the Cardinal the Chicken Bone when he wants to test your sainthood. (when Church is totally full, normally this causes your death. You can use either bone on him later to save yourself from this death.)

8. Now you’ll need a boat to cross the river. To do this your sign must be Sagittarius, when it is, you should get the option to buy a boat, use it to cross the river and meet the Pirate. Duel her with your pistol and shoot when the Owl reads:
O, all these labors and yet no glory to the name.
Recruit her, now she’ll randomly show up as well, without the need of the boat.

9. Recruit the Witch by attending witch trials when asked to, the cardinal will have you ask the witch questions which make it seem like she is a witch, but tell the cardinal she isn’t. You will then recruit the Witch.

10. Go to the maze and use the Destiny Clock on your own sign, the Witch will show up and turn it into a Destiny Card.

11. Summon the eclipse by following the sun in the maze untill you find the moon monument, use the Destiny Clock (or card) on it.

12. Meet the Witch during the eclipse, give her the Saint’s Bone and she’ll give you the Sacred Tablet. If you die during the eclipse before you meet her, the all-mother will ask for her crown, which can lead you to either of the other endings, for this one, refuse and keep creating eclipses and try to find the Witch during them.

13. At some point (mostly between 1500-1700) the Witch will ask if you want to bury a time capsule, do this, later you’ll get Your Results, which replaces the Royal Perfume.

14. Now, you’ll need to give birth to a boy, after having a son, the Pirate may ask who will follow up the King when he dies, answer “Me.”. She will conclude you might need a real gun instead of a ceremional one if you want to do so, and offers to trade yours for the Lethal Gun. Accept this trade.

15. Use the Lethal Gun to kill the King. While being a widow, meet the Witch and she’ll turn your gun into a Gun Emoji.

16. Die during an eclipse, and offer the all-mother your items in this particular order:
1. Emoji Gun
2. Sacred Tablet
3. Destiny Card
4. Your Results
5. Gun Emoji



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