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Re:Legend – Fishing Guide

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You can only fish at specific locations, more precisely, near bodies of water that have fish swimming in them. Once you approach such a location, a fish icon will appear above your character’s head. Equip the fishing rod by pressing the appropriate number key of your Hotbar, and let’s start fishing.



The fishing mini-game

→ With the fishing icon over your head and the fishing rod in hand, left-click (LMB). A fish will quickly approach your rod, bait three times, then get hooked with an exclamation sign above it, so LMB again. Two bars appear on the screen: the upper curved bar keeps track of the integrity of your fishing rod; if it turns red and fills up entirely, you’ll break the fishing rod and let the fish escape. The lower bar counts down your progress towards catching the fish.


→ So, LMB cast the rod, LMB again to hook the fish. Keep an eye on the upper bar and LMB in longer bursts until the bar turns red. At this point, make your bursts shorter and farther apart until an arrow appears on the screen. Stop touching the mouse and keep the corresponding key (W, A, S, D for arrows) pressed all the time until the arrow either disappears or is replaced by another arrow. As you keep pressing, the upper bar will start depleting; if no other arrow appears on the screen, continuing to press the key will further deplete the upper bar (do this only if still close to the red zone).


→ Resume LMB in short bursts until you either see another arrow or the lower bar has reached zero, and you’ve caught the fish.


Once you get used to it, it’s an easy mini-game, and no fish will be too difficult to catch (as long as you don’t get distracted, say, by the cat jumping in front of the laptop screen begging for food). Upgrading your fishing rod will slightly increase the strength of your rod, meaning you might catch a fish with just one continuous left-click without breaking the rod. This will shorten the time it takes you to catch the fish (yes, time is passing during the mini-game) and increase how many fish you’re able to catch in a day.


You can fish for both small fish and medium or large fish (like kilopod, angler, slicefin, saberwebel). The mini-game is slightly changed for two games in one. You start the mini-game as usual, but soon enough, you’ll see another fish rushing to swallow the smaller fish, and you re-start the mini-game from the beginning. The same rules apply!


Several fishing spots on Vokka Island, two more on Forest Island, and one in Sunken Valphyr. The last two locations will only become available after you’ve defeated the first Guardian and caught the Rabbitray.



Fishing Spots

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Fish marked with * can be cooked with.

Numbers in brackets indicate how many chances for that fish are at each fishing spot.


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