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Remnant: From the Ashes – Bonus Traits Guide

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Bonus Traits

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trait. Traits level up and give your character greater bonuses. Almost all of them are useful, even into the end-game.


Arcane Strike (+Melee Mod Power): Defeat Totem Father or Ravager.


Bark Skin (+Armor): Talk to the Twisted Tree (Earth) with the Twisted Mask equipped.


Catalyst (+Proc Chance): Defeat Thrall or Canker.


Cold As Ice (+Back Attack Damage): Meet Brabus with another player in your team. Brabus will ask you to kill your friends. Do it to get this trait.


Elder Knowledge: Find the Tape Recorder located beneath Ward 13.


Executioner (+Crit Chance Bonus): Defeat IXILLUS on Crosus.


Exploiter (+Weak Point Damage): Kill 150 enemies with weak point damage.


Glutton (+Consumable Use Speed): Defeat the Unclean One.


Guardian’s Blessing (+Reduced Melee Damage): Unlock the dungeon with the Curio lock, and then weaken the boss to 50% HP. When he retreats, stay and kill the Root.


Handling (+Gun Spread and Recoil Decrease): Obtain 10 ranged weapons.


Keeper’s Blessing (+Elemental Resistance): Enter the Labyrinth.


Kingslayer (+Critical Damage): Defeat the Undying King.


Mind’s Eye (+Ranged Damage Bonus): Defeat the Dreamer/Nightmare.


Mother’s Blessing (+Ranged Damage Defense): Free the Root Mother.


Quick Hands (+Weapon Reload Speed): Defeat Ent or Singe.


Rapid Strike (+Melee Attack Speed): Upgrade any non-boss melee weapon to +20.


Recovery (+Stamina Regen): Defeat Claviger on Rhom.


Revivalist (+Revive Speed): Revive your allies a certain number of times (number unknown).


Scavenger (+Scrap Boost): Give the vendor Reggie the Tarnished Ring, or sell an unknown number of consumables.


Shadow Walker (+Enemy Awareness): Unlock the safehouse in a random Earth Dungeon.


Sleight of Hand (+Weapon Swap Speed): Kill 100 enemies with 10 different guns, for a total of 1,000 kills.


Spirit (+Mod Generation): Unlock a monkey key door in a random Earth Dungeon.


Suspicion (+Friendly Fire Defense): Get knocked down and revived by your teammates 10 times.


Swiftness (+Movement Speed): Play the “Guardian Song” at any bell in Yaesha. Skip the second line.


Teamwork (+Teamwork Range): Join a multiplayer session.


Triage (+Health Regen Effectiveness): On Yaesha, encounter the story events where two tribes of Pan attack. Survive and talk to the NPC after the attack.


Trigger Happy (+Fire Rate Increase): Upgrade any non-boss ranged weapon to +20.


Warrior (+Increase Melee Damage): Complete the random dungeon where you must defend the Liz Twins.


Will To Live (+Wounded Health Increase): Get knocked down and revived in multiplayer a certain numbers of times (number unknown).


World Walker (+Stamina Cost Decrease): Enter Rhom.


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