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Remnant: From the Ashes – Bonus Weapons and Crafting Materials Guide

23 August 2019, Friday, 13:32:12

Bonus Weapons and Crafting Materials

Defeat the indicated boss using the listed alternate method to unlock the corresponding special weapon and crafting material.



Earth Bosses


Alternate Method: Completely shatter the leg.

Bonus Drop: Twisted Heart, Petrified Maul




Alternate Method: Destroy the tail before defeating the boss.

Bonus Drop: Dragon Links, Smolder



Maul (The Pack)

Alternate Method: Shoot the NPC in the head to cause the boss to also attack the NPC.

Bonus Drop: Control Rod




Rhom Bosses


Alternate Method: Wait to defeat the boss until it has absorbed the extra enemies during the phase were the arena is lifted up and spins.

Bonus Drop: Stone Of The Guardian, World Breaker




Alternate Method: Deal a quarter damage to the boss’s legs within 50 seconds to stagger him. While he is staggered, interact with his back to pull a spear.

Bonus Drop: The Lost Harpoon



Undying King

Alternate Method: Before the fight, refuse to give him the Heart (or give the Heart to the Elf Queen), then fight the Undying King.

Bonus Drop: Ruin Rifle, Kingslayer (Trait)




Crossus Bosses


Alternate Method: Kill both bosses at close to the same time — so that one cannot enrage the other.

Bonus Drop: Guardian Tentacle, Guardian Axe




Yaesha Bosses

Totem Father

Alternate Method: When you spawn into the boss area, look for a Totem. If it is glowing blue, you will get materials for a gun at the end of the fight. If it is glowing red, you will get materials for a spear at the end of the fight.

Bonus Drop: Totem Antler, Eye Of The Storm / Tempest Heartstring, Voice Of The Tempest



The Ravager

Alternate Method: Before the boss attacks, play the Lullaby. You can now interact with the boss before the fight.

Bonus Drop: Stalker’s Claw, Scar Of The Jungle


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