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Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Get & Unlock All Traits

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How to Get & Unlock All Traits

Trait NameTrait Bonus – How To Unlock

Arcane Strike – Increase melee mod power – Defeat Ravager or Totem Father


Bark Skin – Armor Increase – Wearing the Twisted Mask, speak with the Living Tree on Earth


Catalyst – Increases chance to proc Status effects on enemies – Defeat the Canker boss fight or Thrall boss fight


Cold As Ice – Increase back attack damage – Meet Brabus on Earth, kill your team


Elder Knowledge – Experience point bonus – Listen to tape recording inside Ward 13, after using key


Endurance – Stamina – Automatic on all classes


Executioner – Crit Chance bonus increase – Defeat Ixillus on Crosus


Exploiter – Weak Spot damage bonus – Get 150 weak spot kills


Glutton – Increase speed at which you use consumables – Defeat The Unclean One boss fight


Guardians Blessing – Reduce incoming melee damage – Defeat the Root Horror in the Curio Dungeon


Handling – Gun spread and recoil decrease – Obtain a lot of weapons


Heavy Hitter – –


Keepers Blessing – Elemental Resistance increase – Reach the Labyrinth


Kingslayer – Critical damage increase – Defeat The Undying King on Rhom


Mind’s Eye – Range damage bonus increase – Defeat Dreamer & Nightmare


Mother’s Blessing – Ranged damage reduction – Save Root Mother (Earth)


Quick Hands – Weapon Reload Speed – Defeat the Ent on Earth


Rapid Strike – Increase melee attack speed – Get any standard melee weapon to +20 (boss weapons do not count)


Recovery – Stamina regen increase – Defeat Claviger boss on Rhom


Revivalist – Revive speed increase – Revive teammates a lot of times


Scavenger – Scrap gathering increase – Deliver Tarnished Ring to Reggie or sell lots of consumables


Shadow Walker – Enemy awareness down – Hunter starting trait. Unlock in Earth dungeon with the traps.


Sleight of Hand – Increase weapon swap speed – Get 110 kills with 10 different guns each (total 1,100 kills)


Spirit – Mod Power Generation – Cultist starting trait or Complete Supply Run on Earth


Steady Breathing – –


Suspicion – Reduce incoming friendly fire damage – Getting killed by teammates 10 times


Swiftness – Increase movement speed – Yaesha Bell Puzzle 1-1-3-4-1-1-3-2


Teamwork – Damage Resist, EXP & Mod Power – Join a multiplayer game


Triage – Health regen effectiveness increased – Survive the battle of the two tribes on Yaesha


Trigger Happy – Increases fire rate – Get any standard gun to +20 (boss weapons do not count)


Vigor – Health – Automatic on all classes


Warrior – Melee damage bonus – Starting Trait for Scrapper or Complete Lands End on Earth


Will to Live – Wounded health increase – Get revived in multiplayer a lot of times


Wisdom – –


World Walker – Stamina cost reduction – Reach Rhom


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