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[Exploit] Infinite Monster Spawn — Easy Materials and XP Farm

In order for this strat to work, you’ll need to gain access to the Rhom realm which has the Monolith area with puzzle tiles on the floor (second or third area)– you can get to it quickly by using the checkpoint. When you’re there all you have to do is walk over the tiles in a random order (DO NOT UNLOCK THE PUZZLE DOORS) which will spawn a set number of enemies (mostly 4-6) which can drop Scrap, Lumenite Crystals, Forged Iron and Galvanized Iron. All these are great loot that will allow you drastically improve your character. Along with that, the monsters grant you a good amount of experience points which makes it a good method to grind levels as well.


Make sure to always bring enough ammo for this because you can easily run out. Additionally, get health regeneration consumables as the mage monsters can be powerful enough to wipe you out quickly.


This infinite enemy spawn exploit can sometimes glitch out, preventing additional spawn of monsters. To get it working again all you have to do is reset the zone via checkpoint and run on the tiles to spawn more monsters.


With this method to farm materials you can get around 30 Lumenite Crystals, 15 Galvanized Iron, 25 Forged Iron and about 15 pure Iron per 30 minutes of grind time.




Secret Item Locations

Note – since Remnant maps are procedurally generated, some players won’t find the item at the set location, though the same principle of how to get the item applies and you’ll just need to scout a bit more. The secret items will spawn within a set “zone”.


Also worth mentioning is that some secrets don’t spawn for everyone as each world is different. An easy trick to getting secret items fast is to join a co-op session of someone who has a certain secret that you need and you can get it that way.



Magnum Revolver (secret handgun) Location

To get the powerful Magnum Revolver you’ll need to find a Strange Coin and bring it to Ace (in Ward 13), you’ll also be rewarded with 300 Scrap.


The Strange Coin can be found near the end of the first dungeon dropped next to a corpse. Alternate coin location – dungeon between Westside and Artery.



Pocket Watch (secret amulet) Location

The Pocket Watch is currently the rarest item in the game as it is incredibly powerful due to the Stamina regeneration and Stamina cost reduction. To get the Pocket Watch you have to find the NPC Brabus in the crashed helicopter, talk to him until you exhaust his dialogue options.


The NPC Brabus always spawns in a crashed helicopter, which is reported to spawn in the zone immediately after you’ve completed the first dungeon. In case you didn’t get the helicopter spawn, you can re-roll the world and try again.



Twisted Idol (secret amulet) Location

To receive the Twisted Idol you’ll have to kill the Wailing Tree. Doing so is easy as a pistol is enough. But be careful, when the tree gets damaged it will spawn enemies. The Wailing Tree will start talking in an alien language once you get near it. If you wear the Twisted Mask to talk to the Tree it will award you with the Bark Skin Trait (see below). Note that after you’ve killed the tree there will be no way of getting Bark Skin, so get it beforehand.


Wailing Tree is located in the Wailing Wood zone (you can use the checkpoint to travel there).



Bark Skin Trait Location

To get the Bark Skin Trait you’ll need to speak to the Wailing Tree. To do so, you’ll have to wear the Twisted Mask, after talking to it you’ll get the Bark Skin perk.


The Wailing tree can be found in the Wailing Wood zone.



Twisted Mask (secret helmet) Location

Twisted Mask is a secret quest reward that you get for beating the Mad Merchant. To start a fight versus the Mad Merchant you’ll have to carefully pick dialogue options: “Are you okay”, “Are you a scavenger”, “What’s with the mask”, “That mask is doing something to you”, “Let me see the mask now”.


The Mad Merchant can be located in the Junk Town on Earth.



Sniper Rifle Location

Getting the Sniper Rifle is very quick and simple. All you have to do is go inside the Church. Once there, locate the basement. In the basement you’ll find wooden pellets and behind them a purple glow. Break the wooden pellets and you’ll find the Sniper Rifle there.


The Sniper Rifle can be looted in the basement of the Church in the Church zone.



Drifter’s Armor Location

The Drifter’s Armor set can be found in a hidden room inside the Founder’s Hideout. Find the room that has a monster corpse chained to the wall. You’ll find a cabinet to the right, break it and it’ll open a passage to a hidden floor. The Drifter’s equipment can be found on that hidden floor.


Drifter’s Armor is found in the Founder’s Hideout zone.



Submachine Gun (SMG) Location

To find the Submachine gun you’ll need to do a couple of things. Head to Ward 13 B2 area and find the locked doors that require a Ward 13 Keycard to open. Once those are opened, head down the hallway to a room on the left and loot the Fuse. Go back to where you came from and go down to B3 area. Place the Fuse into the power switch on the wall to turn on electricity which will allow you to open doors to another area.


Once you swipe the keycard to open the doors, turn the power back off, head through the huge Vent and find the hidden room to the right side. Inside you’ll get the Ward 13 Master Key. Head back to the B2 area which you unlocked previously (where you found the Fuse) and follow the rooms/hallway with the red lights. You’ll end up at the Ward 13 Master room which has the secret SMG.


The secret SMG can be found in the Ward 13 Master room.



Elder Knowledge (trait) Location

To get the Elder Knowledge secret trait go to Ward 13 B2 area and open the locked doors with the Ward 13 Keycard. The trait can be found on the work desk in the 2nd room to the left.


The Elder Knowledge perk is located in the Ward 13 B2 reactor area.



Ezlan’s Band (ring) Location

To find the Ezlan’s Band you will have to scavenge the Monolith Area in Rhom. One of the houses contains a corpse with the Ezlan’s Band next to it.


Ezlan’s Band can be found in Rhom → Monolith area near a corpse.



Ring of Evasion Location

Ring of Evasion can be found on Earth near the end of the zone (apartments) or Subway.



Void Armor Location

The Void Armor is found in a secret area near the Monolith checkpoint. You’ll have to solve a riddle in order to open the hidden passage which leads you to a room with a shrine that lets you craft the armor.



Osseous Armor Location

To get the Osseous Armor you’ll need to head over to the Wasteland Merchant area and find the NPC with the “Eye” cloth on his face. Talk to the NPC and choose this set of dialogue options to be able to purchase the Osseous Armor pieces: “I’d like to do business with you”, “What kind of secrets do you know”, “Tell me a secret”. Pay him for secrets until he allows you to pick to do business with him and then click “Let me see your wares”. This will allow you to buy the Osseous Armor items.


The Osseous Armor is located in Rhom → Wasteland Merchant area.



Spitfire Gun Location

To get the Spitfire Dragon flame gun you have to defeat Singe without destroying his tail. This will reward you with the Blazing Heart, a resource that’s required for the crafting of the Spitfire gun. Afterwards, head back to Ward 13 and craft the Spitfire gun.



Smolder Sword Location

To craft the Smolder Sword you’ll also need to defeat Singe, but this time by destroying his tail first. This will give you the Dragon Links resource which is needed to craft the Smolder Sword. Go back to Ward 13 and craft the Smolder Sword there.



Wastelander Flail Location

To get the Wastelander Flail you’ll need to complete a dungeon (some say in Rhom). Once you find yourself in the dungeon, it will apply a curse to you which constantly drains your life. To get life back, you’ll need to kill enemies in the dungeon. Upon completion of the dungeon the curse will be removed and you’ll enter a room which contains the Wastelander Flail, along with a checkpoint to teleport out.


The Wastelander Flail can be found in a dungeon in Rhom.



Heartseeker Ring Location

The Hearseeker Ring boosts damage dealt to unaware enemies and can be found on Earth in the late Metro area or the zone right after it.



Bandit Armor Set Location

If you’ve got a Pocket Watch you can talk to a Bandit boss in an Earth dungeon. You won’t have to fight him as he’s the son of the NPC that hands you the Pocket Watch. If you give the Bandit the Pocket Watch he’ll reward you with the Bandit Armor set.


The Bandit Armor set is located in a bandit dungeon on Earth.



Beam Rifle Location

The Beam Rifle is a powerful early-mid game weapon that shoots a radiation beam. The Beam Rifle can be found in a dungeon within the Rhom desert area.



Akari Armor Location

By doing various dungeons in Rhom you’ll receive a glowing rod. Once you find a dungeon that contains a vault that has chambers. Each chamber can be unlocked with a Glowing Key and it will reward you with one piece of the Akari armour.


To find the Akari Armor you’ll need to complete Rhom dungeons and get the Glowing Key.



Scavenger Trait Location

You can find a “Tarnished Ring” within an Earth dungeon, if you go back to Reggie (item vendor) in Ward 13 and ask him about his story, he will mention losing a ring. This gives you a prompts to give him the tarnished ring, and he will give you several hundred scrap and the Scavenger trait.


To get the Scavenger trait you’ll need to do Earth dungeons.




Unlockable Traits

As soon as you unlock a Trait, you have it. It is automatically applied to your character, you don’t have to do anything yourself. Traits can be leveled by using Trait Points, which increases the power of the particular bonuses of that trait. There is also your Trait level, which represents your overall power – it’s the level of all of your traits combined into a single number.


Note: Click to enlarge image;





Achievements & Trophies (Including Secret Achievements & Trophies)

Achievements and Trophies are an optional challenge to Remnant: From the Ashes. There are 40 regular achievements and trophies, 19 hidden achievements and trophies.. Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy & achievement.


Fire in the Sky

Defeat Singe



The Bigger They Are…

Defeat the Ent



Watch the Totems!

Defeat the Totem Father



Wolf of the Woods

Defeat the Pan Wolf



Undying, Eh?

Defeat the Undying King



The Keymaster

Defeat the Claviger



Butterfly Effect

Defeat Ixillis XV



Dark Awakening

Defeat the Dreamer




Defeat a world boss in single player without taking damage



Not So Special

Defeat 100 special enemies



First…But Not The Last!

Acquire first trait



Good Start

Acquire 10 traits



That’s a Lot of Traits!

Acquire 20 traits



Equipment Collector

Acquire 5 armor sets



Equipment Enthusiast

Acquire 10 armor sets



Hard Choices

Upgrade first weapon



Halfway There

Upgrade any weapon to +10



Push It to the Limit

Upgrade any weapon to +20



Shot Through the Heart

Return the Swamp Guardian’s heart to the Undying King



Mod Collector

Acquire 5 weapon mods



Mod Enthusiast

Acquire 15 weapon mods



Trait Dabbler

Upgrade any trait to 10



Trait Focus

Upgrade any trait to 20



One Person’s Scrap…

Acquire 50,000 scrap



Scrap Harvester

Acquire 100,000 scrap



Scrap Collector

Acquire 200,000 scrap



Ready For Action

Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss



Like a Boss

Upgrade a boss weapon to +5



This Watch…

Acquire Mudtooth’s pocket watch



Heart of a Dragon

Upgrade Dragon Heart



Unleash Your Potential

Acquire 30 traits



Not So Lucky

Return coin to Ace




Return ring to Reggie



Fade to White

Activate the Ward 13 World Stone



Are You Ok?

Meet the Root Mother



What is the Labyrinth?

Meet the Labyrinth Keeper



Death Warmed Over

Meet the Undying King



Like a Moth to a Flame

Meet the Swamp Queen



Changing of the Guard

Meet the Pan Rebel Leader



The Founder

Meet Andrew Ford


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