Remnant: From the Ashes – Secret Achievements & Trophies Guide


Secret Achievements & Trophies

Secret Achievements & Trophies are achievements & trophies whose objectives are hidden until unlocked. That means, the player is not informed about the objective of one secret achievement & trophy in the game before its completion.


Currently there are 18 secret achievements & trophies in total.



Fire in the Sky

Defeat Singe (Secret)



The Bigger They Are…

Defeat the Ent (Secret)



Watch the Totems!

Defeat the Totem Father (Secret)



Wolf of the Woods

Defeat the Pan Wolf (Secret)



Undying, Eh?

Defeat the Undying King (Secret)



The Keymaster

Defeat the Claviger (Secret)



Butterfly Effect

Defeat Ixillis XV (Secret)



Dark Awakening

Defeat the Dreamer (Secret)




Defeat a world boss in single player without taking damage (Secret)



Shot Through the Heart

Return the Swamp Guardian’s heart to the Undying King (Secret)



Not So Lucky

Return coin to Ace (Secret)




Return ring to Reggie (Secret)



Are You Ok?

Meet the Root Mother (Secret)



What is the Labyrinth?

Meet the Labyrinth Keeper (Secret)



Death Warmed Over

Meet the Undying King (Secret)



Like a Moth to a Flame

Meet the Swamp Queen (Secret)



Changing of the Guard

Meet the Pan Rebel Leader (Secret)



The Founder

Meet Andrew Ford (Secret)