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Remnants of Naezith PC Controls

5 February 2018, Monday, 22:23:25


PC Controls

There are five buttons in total. Two of them are Left and Right, the other three are the action buttons.

Action buttons are Jump, Hook, Dash.

HOOK: When you press the Hook button, he launches the hook at a fixed 45 degrees angle towards the direction you are looking at (top-left or top-right). Kayra’s body momentum is also added to the hook’s launch speed. Hook is an physical object so it takes just a bit time to land. If hook is landed, it stays landed as long as you hold the hook key. And when you release the hook key, hook comes back to you.

If you press Jump key while hook is landed, Kayra pulls himself towards the hook.

JUMP: Jump key does jump, double-jump, wall-jump.

Kayra can surf on water if he is fast enough. Also he can jump off the water if he is surfing.

DASH: Dash key is used to boost any action you do. Dash gives you a horizontal speed then takes it back half a second later. If you dash during the swing, you swing faster. If you dash while running, you run faster.

Also there is a special Dash-Jump mechanic. If you jump while you are dashing, you jump higher.


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