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Remothered: Tormented Fathers PC Keyboard Controls Guide

1 November 2017, Wednesday, 1:57:09


PC Keyboard Controls Guide

The game can be played with the gamepad or with keyboard and mouse. You can check the controls anytime by visiting the settings on the main menu and on the pause menu.




Walk – W / A / S / D

Run – W / A / S / D + Shift

Crouch – C / Left CTRL

Flashlight – Spacebar

Interact / Examine – Left Mouse Button

Inventory – I

Diary – TAB

Aim / Hold the door – Right Mouse Button

Place Diversion Item – E

Change Diversion Item – Mouse Wheel

Reset Camera – R

Change View – V

Throw Diversion Item – Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button

Pause – P / ESC

Cheat Manager (Only Press Demo) – T


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