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Rend – Building Interface

2 August 2018, Thursday, 12:00:00

Building Interface

Open the building interface by pressing “B”. There are a lot of things going on in this interface, so let me break down the keybinds for you.


  • T – Hold to choose what structure you want to place a frame of.


  • R – Press while looking at a placed frame (wall or platform) to change its variant. Walls can become Doors and Windows, while platforms can become Trap Doors.


  • Right Mouse Button – Turns the structure outline diagonal, which is used for diagonal walls, triangle foundations, and triangle platforms.


  • Scroll Wheel – Raises or lowers a foundation outline.


  • L – Flips the structure to change the way it’s facing.


  • M – Changes what kind of frames you are placing (wooden vs. crumblestone).


Here is how placing frames works: Select the type of structure you want with T, then move the outline where you want to place it. If the outline is green, it is placeable. If the outline is red, you can’t place the structure there, and the game should tell you why. When the structure is green and in position, Left Click to place it. Structures automatically snap to eachother which is great for keeping things even and organized!



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