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Rend – How to Increase Stack Sizes

6 August 2018, Monday, 19:42:20

How to Increase Stack Sizes

Server rates high? Tired of your inventory filling up in seconds? Want better inventory management? Then you’ve come to the right place.




  • -Unreal Engine 4.20 or higher installed.


  • -Access to your Server files (some hosting companies won’t let you use the stack mods).




Unpaking the Game’s .pak Fil

  • -After you have the Unreal Engine installed go to the install folder for it and locate the unrealpak.exe file (\UE_4.20\Engine\Binaries\Win64).


  • -Open CMD (Start>Run>cmd).


  • -Drag the Unrealpak.exe file into CMD then press SPACEBAR.


  • -Drag the game’s .pak file in CMD then press SPACEBAR.


  • -Type -extract then press SPACEBAR.


  • -Create a new folder you want the extracted files to go to.


  • -Drag the new folder into CMD and press ENTER.


  • -Now you wait, it has to extract 30k+ files so it’ll take a few minutes.




Extra Info

.pak file location: \Rend\Otherlands\Content\Paks\

CMD Order: Unrealpak.exe Otherlands-WindowsServer.pak -extract

How your CMD should look before you press ENTER.




How to Increase the Stack Sizes



  • -Now that you have the .pak file extracted copy the Engine and Otherlands folders to the root of the Server’s folder and overwrite.


  • -Rename the Server’s paks folder to something else so that the game doesn’t load the files from it.


  • -Go to the Google Drive link and download the files you want (you can mix and match).


  • -Add the downloaded files to \Rend\Otherlands\Content\Data\Table\ItemBase\ folder.


  • -Start up your server and your server will read the individual files instead of the pak file.


  • -If your server doesn’t start up or you still have default stacks then it means that your server host doesn’t allow the server to run without the pak file.


  • -You can try deleting the pak file from the server and repak the stack mod files back into the pak file to see if your host will allow that. If it doesn’t work then you’ll have to find a different host or contact your host.



NOTE: You don’t have to use the same files from one Stack Mod, if you want 5k Stack of Consumables and 50k Stack for Resources you can do that.



Stack Mod Files





DT_ItemBase_Consumable.uexp = Consumables

DT_ItemBase_Resource.uexp = Resources

DT_ItemBase_Weapon.uexp = Ammo



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