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Rend – PvP and Capture Points

27 July 2018, Friday, 9:23:34

PvP and Capture Points

PvP is inevitable in Rend, as you need to defend your base and capture points from enemy players (or fight them at theirs). Luckily for beginning players, you shouldn’t expect to see any enemies around you for quite some time. Traveling across to another faction’s territory is a lot of work, and players usually only do it to get capture points or resources.



So, what are these capture points?

Capture points are small trees that generate Sparks of Genius that can be collected by any player that has access to the tree. These sparks aren’t locked to a specific type, and can be crafted into one of the 4 types of sparks to then be used for faction research. To convert them, go into your crafting menu, to the “Station” section, and under the mysticism tab there are “Research Conversion” crafts. There are a total of 6 capture points in the game, 3 being almost directly north of each faction’s base, in the Highlands. The other 3 are inbetween each faction zones at what are called “byways”.


At certain intervals throughout the day, the shields on a capture point will drop, and any faction can come to take it. If you already own the point, defend it! If you don’t own it, capture it! And remember: always close the doors when you leave!



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