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Rend – Spirits

27 July 2018, Friday, 15:58:16


To win in Rend, you need to collect spirits and put them into your faction’s tree in the middle of your faction base. There are 2 ways to collect spirits:


  • -Consume spirit flowers gained from harvesting plants.


  • -Harvest spirit whisps that spawn around the map at night.


Whisps can be harvested using any tool, and can range in size, giving more spirit the bigger they are. This is what they look like:



The bottom left part of your UI will contain a bar that will fill with a light blue color as you collect spirits. It has a max capacity, so make sure you deposit your spirits into the faction tree when you can (press ‘F’ on the faction tree to deposit spirits). You will also “drop” your spirits on death, but they can be re-harvested at your body by anyone.



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