Rend – Taming Guide



Everyone dreams of having their own giant raptor to ride around and fight for you. Well, in Rend, that can happen! Taming involves sending a creature to the spirit realm and taming it with special spirit equipment. It’s fairly complicated and difficulty, so I’ll break it down into some easy steps:


-Go to the Taming Workshop in your faction base.

-Craft some Taming Crystals, Spirit Arrows (x100), and Potions of the Otherside.

-You’ll need to have enough Potions of the Otherside to stay in the spirit realm for up to 3 minutes, depending on the level of the creature.

-If you’re a Shaman, you can open a portal to the spirit realm instead of using the potion.

-Craft a Simple Bow from the Basic Survival tree (you want to do as little damage as possible in the spirit realm to avoid killing the creature).

-Find a creature you want to tame. Higher pet ratings = better stats, but harder to tame.

-Throw your Taming Crystal at it.

-Kill it normally.

-Go into the spirit realm where it died (potions or shaman skill).

-Equip your Simple Bow and Spirit Arrows, shoot the creature with the arrows a lot!

-Lost will swarm and kill you in the spirit realm if you stay too long.

-Fill up the blue tame bar on the creature to tame it.

-Once tamed, go back to the Taming Workshop and into the Spirit Stables.

-Open your pet menu with ‘O’ and set your pet as active.

-Press ‘Z’ to spawn your pet, and ‘Z’ while next to it to mount it!


Phew. That was a long list. Keep in mind that taming is DANGEROUS! Lost in the spirit realm have high health and do a lot of damage. If you do not have high level armor, you need to have someone help you tame by distracting lost, or by using a spirit siphon.




How Do Pets Work?

Pets can act as mounts and can also carry things in their inventory. They have a weight limit though, and when you ride them your current weight is added onto them. Higher rating pets have higher carrying capacities. They will also fight with you, but generally have low health and defence so make sure they don’t die! As long as your pet is out with you, it will level up as you gain experience, so make sure to keep it out when you’re gathering/killing.




Reviving Your Pet

If your pet dies (RIP), you can revive it at the Spirit Stables. Each pet has specific resources they need to be revived, and you can check what those resources are in the pet menu (‘O’). Take the resources to the Spirit Stables, open the pet menu, and click revive to bring your best friend back to life! And here’s a tip: you can get Animal Blood from salvaging meat!


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