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Rend – Tips & Tricks

31 July 2018, Tuesday, 20:55:00

Tips & Tricks

-Hunting – Hunt down all creatures you can handle, as they all contribute to your advancement. Running around as a duo helps with taming, survivability, carrying more, and otherwise helping each other.


-Campfire – Once you get one and want to use it to cook some boar meat that you collected, don’t forgett to turn it on and make sure it has fuel such as wood. (It will tell you its fuel value if it has any).


-Personal bases: Avoid them early! They don’t realy have any big impact of the game. They’re just a waste of materials…


-The most important controls to learn early is the difference between “Left Mouse Button” and “Right Mouse Button”, which often gather different resources when harvesting. Experiment with both mouse buttons to learn what materials you can get from each source.


-Pressing “C” will open your crafting menu, to craft new tools and equipment.


-You can find and change any keybinds by pressing “Esc” -> “Options” -> “Keybinds”.



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