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Lockers, Safe Codes / Combinations, and Leon’s Desk

How to Unlock Leon’s Desk

MRG – Code to unlock the right side.


NED – Code to unlock the left side.


When you unlock Leon’s Desk, you’ll get a High Capacity Magazine (Pistol). But if you are Claire, you get a Speed Reloader (Revolver).



How to Unlock Lockers

DCM – Combination for the locker on the third floor.


CAP – Combination for the locker on the second floor (Shower Room).


SZF – Combination for the locker in the Upper Sewer Control Room.



How to Open Safes

L9, R15, L7 – West Office, First Floor (you will find a Hip Pouch).


L6, R2, L11 – East Wing, Waiting Room (you will find a Muzzle Brake or Extended Mag).


L2, R12, L8 – Treatment Pool Room (you will find a Shotgun Stock or Hip Pouch).


Note: L and R mean left and right.



How to Open Portable Safes


A Scenario: Shower Room / Linen Room


B Scenario: Interrogation Room / Linen Room


Reward: Replacement Keys for the Locker Room (to replace the 2 and 3 Button)


To solve these, you need to click the buttons, to trigger the lights in a counter-clockwise sequence. It doesn’t matter where you start, so long as the next light from the button you press is next to the one you just triggered. You can’t fail these, so have a play around until you see which button controls which lights, then work out the best sequence.



Mr. Raccoon Statue Locations

This is one for the completionists out there. You’ll need to go through both Resident Evil 2 Remake campaigns to find and destroy all 15 of the Mr. Raccoon statues. If you manage to do it, you’ll unlock the Vermin Extermination record and, more importantly, the Combat Knife Infinite Bonus Weapon.


You’ll be able to find the Mr. Raccoon statues in the following locations:


In the West Office, near cardboard boxes stacked on a shelf.


1 92


On the second floor of Raccoon City Police Station, in the S.T.A.R.S. office. You’ll find it in the bottom right corner of the office beside a computer monitor.


2 4


Head to the firing range below the police station and go through the door into the range to find Mr. Raccoon’s figure below a target.


3 2


In the Break Room, look at the foot of the bunk bed, and the statue will be behind the bag on the ground.




Another Mr. Raccoon can be found outside the chief’s Office by the stairwell on the second floor of the police station, sitting on a table.




A Mr. Raccoon statue can be found on a windowsill in the hallway at the back of the West Storage Room that you can access through the Clock Tower.




Head to the back of the Cafeteria in the Lab to find a Mr. Raccoon on a table beside the ladder.




Retrieve the Signal Modulator from the Laboratory, then head to the Nap Room. Once inside, you can find a Mr. Raccoon on a shelf in a sleep chamber.




Head towards the Supplies Storage in the Sewers, and you’ll find one behind a stack of boxes.





Leon Only

The following Mr. Raccoon statues can be found while playing as Leon only:


Mr. Raccoon can be found immediately after escaping the giant alligator in the sewers. Once it’s dead, look to the opposite side of where the ladder descends to find him.


1 93


You’ll be able to find another in the Incinerator Room when playing as Ada in Leon’s campaign, close to a large bag.


2 5



Claire only

You can find the next lot of Mr. Raccoon statues while playing as Claire only:


Go to the third floor of the police station and into the East Storage Room. Using the Heart Key, enter the room at the back filled with mannequins and look on the top shelf to find Mr. Raccoon.


1 94


After fleeing the parking lot, run through the city until you reach the area with the dogs and board the bus. Mr. Raccoon can be found near the steering wheel.


2 6


Head to the Orphanage and head to the room filled with play equipment and beds. You can spot it when playing as Sherry, but you’ll need to play as Claire to destroy it.


1 95


Mr. Raccoon – final statue

The last Mr. Raccoon can only be found during the B playthrough of Resident Evil 2 Remake. When you reach the entrance to the first floor, turn right and head down the stairs. You’ll find the final Mr. Raccoon in the garden bed beside a vase.


2 7


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