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Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) – Puzzles and their Solutions

Puzzles and their Solutions

Lion Statue

In the Main Hall, noticeable straight away, the code is Lion, Leafy Branch, and Bird in that order. The Lion Emblem is obtained as the reward.



Rookie’s First Assignment

West office of the Police Station, the code to be inputted is NED on the left and MRG on the right. Inside, you’ll find High Capacity Magazine for Leon.



Control Panel

In the Safety Deposit Room, after acquiring the Diamond Key, obtain the two Spare Keys from two portable safes, one of which is in the Shower Room on the third floor of the Police Station, and the other near the S.T.A.R.S office in the Linen Room.


After collecting the Spare Keys, use them and input code 203 in the locker within the Safety Deposit Room. For Leon, you can get a Pouch Upgrade, shotgun shells, gunpowder, or a combat knife.



Unicorn Statue

In the Lounge area, the Unicorn statue is to be interacted with by inputting the commands: Fish, Scorpion, and Vase. You will obtain the Unicorn Emblem for successfully unlocking the item.



Maiden Statue

In West Storage Room on the third floor of the Police Station, nearby a C-4 device, the code to be inputted is Woman, Bow, and Snake. The Maiden Emblem is the content found inside.



Greenhouse Control Room

As the title suggests, heading to this location, the first puzzle solved by the clues: F, II, two ‘L’, and F atop the ladder, allows you to gain access to the ladder from Greenhouse to B2.


The second part of this puzzle involves two ‘L’, I, a big square above a little square, and a bolder I beneath a DNA Trophy. As a reward, you’ll gain the Dispersal Unit in Drug Testing Lab.


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