Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Crafting Item Locations Guide



Crafting item locations

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding crafting item:

Main House 1F

1. Chem Fluid – Main House 1F, Laundry Room: Inside the filing cabinet with one herb.
2. Chem Fluid – Main House 1F, Garage: Inside the filing cabinet.
3. Chem Fluid – Main House 1F, Main Hall: In the open closet beneath the stairs.
4. Gunpowder – Main House 1F, Main Hall: In the cupboard, to the left of the double doors that lead into the Main Hall.
5. Chem Fluid – Main House 1F, Drawing Room: Inside the refrigerator.
6. Psychostimulants – Main House 1F, Drawing Room: On the coffee table.


Main House 2F

1. Chem Fluid – Main House 2F, Hallway: In the drawer down the hall from the Bathroom.
2. Gunpowder – Main House 2F, Recreation Room: Inside the green plastic bin.
3. Chem Fluid – Main House 2F, Grandma’s Room: Next to the window, on the left as you enter.


Processing Area

1. Chem Fluid – Processing Area: In the room with multiple bathtubs filled with black sludge, connected to the Boiler Room. Look inside the tubs to see the fluid.
2. Chem Fluid – Processing Area: Inside the metal cabinet, just outside the hallway that leads down to the Crow Emblem door.
3. Psychostimulants – Processing Area: Next to the Crow Emblem door that leads into the Morgue.
4. Strong Chem Fluid – Processing Area, Boiler Room: In an open locker in the corner of the Boiler Room.
5. Gunpowder – Processing Area, Morgue: Below the stairs, just above the morgue Boss arena on the map.



1. Separating Agent – Yard: While at the Main Hall steps and looking toward the Trailer, turn right and go around to the boarded-up Main House window to find the blue Separating Agent wedged in the sill.
2. Gunpowder – Yard: On the yellow tool cabinet on the deck.
3. Supplements – Yard: On white tarps near the entrance to the Old House.
4. Strong Chem Fluid – Yard: Outside the Green House, on a metal pole.


Old House

1. Chem Fluid – Old House 1F: On the deck outside the Gallery, turn right and look in the trash to find a brown box with it.
2. Solid Fuel – Old House 1F: In the northern room adjacent to the Dining Room. There is a shelf with this item.
3. Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid – Old House 1F, Dining Room: Use the Knife or Burner to clear the spiders from the metal cabinet, then look inside to find a Chem Fluid and Great Chem Fluid.
4. Gunpowder – Old House 1F: On the window sill outside the Dining Room.
5. Psychostimulants – Old House 1F: Look for a metal tray on the deck outside the Dining Room.
6. Psychostimulants – Old House 1F: In a box, in the crawlspace on the west wing of the house, accessible after solving the Shadow Silhouette puzzle in the Gallery.
7. Chem Fluid – Old House 1F: Hidden in the crawlspace, behind a couple wooden pallets leaning against the wall.
8. Chem Fluid – Old House 1F: On a shelf in the shack north of the Water Station.
9. Chem Fluid – Old House 2F: To the right of the Crow Emblem door.


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