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Reventure features 100 endings, many of which require bringing far-off items to a variety of places. Some of these endings unlock persistent shortcuts or other stuff, which makes reaching the rest much quicker. But you won’t know which endings unlock what until you’ve completed them all. Hence this guide.



Shortcuts Available from the Start

Before we get to the unlocks, the following shortcuts are available from the start:


Cannon. It leads to above the shopkeeper’s house the courtyard in the dark lord’s castle.


Cannon. Leads to the east of the king’s castle, the lake in front of the shopkeeper.


Cannon. Leads to on the west side of the dark lord’s castle the lake in front of the king’s.


The Time Whistle in the Mountain can be used to save the game at certain white stone thingies, giving you a convenient checkpoint to which you return after completing an ending.



Unlockable Shortcuts

Ending 51: Unlocks a portal (mirror in the princess’ rooms above the king’s castle) to the elevator in the dark lord’s castle. Very convenient. It also unlocks a golden Princess statue that decreases the jump height necessary above the king’s castle.


Ending 60: Unlocks a hole in the floor of the king’s castle, leading to the sewer below.


Ending 72: Unlocks a beanstalk to the cloud west of the mountain. You can jump from the beanstalk to reach a variety of places even when burdened by items.


Ending 85: Unlocks a portal from your home to the faerie lake below the courtyard in the dark lord’s castle.


Also, Ending 100 removes the three white doors with the colored symbols and thereby unlocks some post-game content. The doors are in the pirate ship in the ocean to the west, the waterfall, and the western side of the bridge leading to the desert.



Unlockable Items

Unknown trigger: At some point, the Sword of Legend moves from its original location to a chest in your house.


Unknown trigger (after time passes?): At some point, a chicken appears in the nest above the original location of the Sword of Legend.


Unknown trigger (a certain number of endings?): A white chest appears in the king’s castle, containing a compass that can point you to endings.


Unknown trigger (a certain number of endings?): A white chest appears in the king’s castle, containing a map that can point you to endings.




1- Don’t take advice from older people – Why don’t you try out your new sword?


2- Deep Down – Dig where it tells you not to


3- Watch your step – Making a mountain out of a pebble


4- Face the dragon – a real man fights with just his fists


5- Improve the shield’s heat-proofing – one of the items should help you stand the heat against a fiery foe – Get the shield and the lava charm and stand in front of the dragon.


6- Warming up  – The floor is lava


7- Check the shield’s heat-proofing – Face a fiery foe without fire-proofing


8- Defy authority – Sword one of the dudes that don’t deserve it


9- Meow  – Hug a soft critter


10- Trial by combat – The king is dead; long live the king!


11- Repel the dragon’s flames  – Forget the most important part of tanking. Grab the lava charm but not the shield and stand in front of the dragon.


12- Someone is afraid to be alone  – Hug the man


13-  Negotiate a discount – He’ll probably see your point


14- Befriend someone rich – How to train your dragon. Get the stuffed animal and the shovel. Dig down next to the shoveled area and fall a bit to reach lava area one—Head right (secret wall) to fight a path to the back of the dragon. Hug the dragon from behind.


15- End yourself  – Commit sodoku.


16- Defeat the mighty beast  – Backstabbing is a legitimate strategy. Get the sword and the shovel. Dig down next to the shoveled area and fall a bit to reach lava area one—Head right (secret wall) to fight a path to the back of the dragon. Hug the dragon from behind.


17- Just five more minutes  – Hit the snooze alarm.


18- Purple little cuties  – Huggibly soft.


19- Cute little swords – You have hearts for a reason.


20- WMD – I think the shopkeep might be hiding something. Use it nearby. Get the grapple and go to the shopkeeper’s left of the mountain. In his store used the grapple to find a chest in the ceiling. Open it to get an item. You should see a cannon above; use that to get the ending.


21- Inside the pots  – There might be rupees inside! Grab the sword, head east from the castle until you reach the well. Drop into the well, and there is a hidden exit under/left of the first block on the left. Head left (jumping when you need) to get to the large open area under the gate. Get to the bottom and cut the bushes to the left. Once inside, break all the pots.


22-  Love the uniform – You can’t keep your hands off the guards.


23- Feed the animals  – They can strip a cow down to the bone in under a minute.


24- Find the ruler of your heart – Comfort, the king.


25- Kill some fish – Gone fishing.


26- Sharpen your sword against something – They make terrible whetstones. Stab one of the rocks you can blow up.


27- No rest for the wicked – Kill the five devs and go to their graves. One dev is far to the left, near the merchant’s shop, one is on top of the mountain, one is in a treasure room to the right side of the evil castle (have princess and fall in anvil gap to the right), one is near the waterfall (have to chicken and go from under the evil castle bridge to follow the raised platforms left), one is under the sewer which is under the castle. The easiest way is to take a shovel to the sewers and dig above the soft dirt. You do not need to kill them all in one life. Once they are all dead, something opens up in the graveyard, which is on the left side of the waterfall.


28- Over the dragon’s lair – Warp pipe above dragon’s horde. The easiest way is to grab the shovel and dig near it to get to lava area one. There’s a secret wall to the right that leads to the pipe.


29- Give back what you took without paying. Fire the missile from the cannon on the left side of the mountain.


30- A free hug for a greedy man.


31- Heavy is the burden. Get five items at once, not counting the princess.


32- Running downhill. Jump off a mountain.


33- Love knows no boulderies.


34- Structural weakness under the castle. Take a bomb to the rocks under the castle.


35- Stay to stare at the fuse. It turns out shielding doesn’t prevent bomb damage in this game.


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