Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality All Achievements



Details for every single achievement.


Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Achievements


Thrown Under the Bus
Have a youseeks get hit by a bus. Throw a YouSeeks ball into the road and wait a spell for the bus to come and strike that big blue ball down.


Big Hands Mode!
Dude… your hands… they’re so BIG! Just eat the Growth Hormone Pill. Located Below the Tool Wall at the Tool Bench area. Look on the little shelf and in the right most packaging.


Wubba lubba dub dub!
Achieve your ultimate purpose. Beat the main story mode of the game.


You Have ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Taste
Eat a whole laxative, found in the bathroom under the sink in the left cabinet. Then eat the subsequent poop that you… vomit… up.


Fixed a light bulb.


From Downtown!
Throw something at the Smith home from very far away. During the [Fix the Computer Mission] section, go to the Satellite via portal device. Throw any throwable item at North America, which can include screws, panels sections, spare fuses, dead batteries. May be possible to unlock in freeplay by carrying an item through the portal with you and throwing it at Earth.


Meet your Makers
Watch the credits disc in its entirety in the living room menu area. The disc can be found in the top left shelf area of the main entertainment console.


Love Hurts
Give Jerry his medicine. Find Jerry and Supply him with this Preperation A cream. First go to the bathroom via portal device. Then remove the door knob from the door. This will begin Jerry talking. Suffer through this monologue and slid the cream under the door to him. The cream is located under the sink in the right cabinet.


He’s Thrashing Your Score

A secret achievement. Throw the Social Security card on the table in the Troy minigame away from you. This can be done at a phase in Troy when you must reconsider your life’s carreer. Getting to this section is simple as many pathways will lead you to this. Experiment to find this while completing the 1000 Years Troy and Morty! achievement.


Bureaucratic Nightmare
Kill 100 Gromflomites in a single session of the shootout.


You Went There
You should be ashamed. Combine two tapes. I found that a blue alien tape on the blue pad and a yellow alien tape on the yellow pad works most consistently. You must listen to the full tape for the achievement.


Or is it eggception?


Emperor of Soundwaves
Listen to all the tapes. There are thirteen collectable cassette tapes in the game with the cassette player in the left most work bench cabinet.


Hand of Midas
Give yourself a high-five, you’re a real alchemist now!


1000 Years Troy and Morty!
A secret achievement. Play the Troy mini-game for a cummulative 1000 years.


Ahh [HUMAN] memories.


Fully Charged
Charge the largest battery to 900 or greater.


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