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RiME Keyhole Locations Guide

1 June 2017, Thursday, 0:01:03



First Keyhole
Hint: The end of chapter 2, near the third windmill
Exact location: After you’ve pulled the second block out of the windmill, you use that block to jump the nearest wall and escape the walled area around the windmill. If you descend that side of the island, the keyhole should be somewhere in one of the rocks on the side.


Second Keyhole
This one is pretty much not missable if you progress in the story.
Exact location: At the start of chapter 3, when you turn around in the neverending corridor, there is the key you need for the lock, and the keyhole is right behind it.


Third Keyhole
Hint: Third chapter, The area behind the underwater caves
Exact location: After the underwater cave and the big square where all the creatures are gathered you come to the place in the screenshot below
Instead of following foxy to the right, turn left. The keyhole is hidden between some vases



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