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RiME Lullaby Locations Guide

31 May 2017, Wednesday, 23:45:02



First Lullaby
Hint: Chapter 1, starting area
Hint 2: Near the fox toy, if you have that one
Exact location: When you wake up at the beginning of the game, instead of running forward , go the opposite way. Parkour your way onto the cliffs now in front of you and at the top you should find the lullaby together with a great view across the sea.


Second Lullaby
Hint: Second chapter, after the deactivation of the first windmill
Exact location: Looking from the main entrance of the first windmill, go to the right of the windmill. There is a building that lets you descend underground through a set of stairs, and the lullaby is in a room next to a corridor there.


Third Lullaby
Hint: Chapter 3, when you have already assembled your guardian and are trying to awaken more
Exact location: In the chamber with the many guardians, first solve the puzzle and awaken all the guardians. Drag the cube back to the middle platform so that the middle pillar slides to the left. If you climb up it, you should be able to start parkouring on the left wall of the chamber. On the first level, behind one of the places where a guardian stood, you can find the third lullaby.

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