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RimWorld – Trading Tips & Tricks

17 October 2018, Wednesday, 16:55:44

Trading Tips & Tricks

  • -Colonists with a higher social skill using the comms console will negotiate lower buying prices for everything but the commodities (0.5% per social skill point).



  • -Likewise, colonists with a higher social skill will negotiate for higher selling prices for everything but the commodities (0.5% per social skill point).



  • -Trade is influenced by your trader’s ability to speak and hear. Damage to any such parts will ruin trade prices, and conversely bionic enhancements (no such enhancements exist as of vanilla Alpha 16) will improve trade.



  • -Selling a prisoner is profitable, but has a negative impact on the happiness of all colonists (excludes psychopaths). To prevent exploiting a recruiting loophole, you cannot buy back a prisoner you just sold.



  • -Food and textiles can be quickly grown on hydroponics basins, or in large amounts from large growing zones, which makes farming a viable income source, provided there’s enough manpower to tend to the crops.



  • -It is recommended to put your comms console in or near the bedroom of the colonist with the highest social skill for convenient trading.



  • -All traders carry a limited amount of silver, so they may not be able to buy everything you wish to sell. You can still give them things but everything they receive will be for free, as they cannot afford to pay.



  • -Sculptures can be created with a sculptor’s table and sold to traders. Since trade ships carry a limited amount of silver, though, you may find that you cannot sell a very expensive sculpture while obtaining the full value in silver.



  • -You can trade your expensive items (weapons, sculptures) for other desirable items if the trade ship doesn’t have enough silver to complete the transaction. Of course, the amount of silver you can gain is lower, but it is usually better to have a lot of cheap items than an expensive one in your store.



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